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Non-Disney Trips you are taking this year?


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  • Non-Disney Trips you are taking this year?

    What Non-Disney Park related trips are you taking this year?

    Next week we are going to Dollywood and Six Flags Over Georgia.

    Over Memorial Weekend we are going up to the Bay Area to visit PGA, SFMW, Bonfante Gardens and Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

    We may end up in Wisconsin in August, or Denver over Labor Day weekend.

    I'm sure we will end up in Vegas at some point. I'm also pretty sure we will end up in San Diego once or twice more this year.

    Then there is Universal, Sea World and Busch Gardens in Florida when we go to WDW.

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    Take lots of pictures at Dollywood. I'm very curious about it. I hear that the theme is very solid and well done, and would love to hear your review when you get back!
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      We have family scattered about, so our trips this year will mostly revolve around that.

      We're visiting my family in Michigan over Memorial Day weekend.

      We're visiting his brother and SIL in New York City later this year.

      We hope to get down to San Diego or up to various national parks sometime during the year, as well.

      There's a chance... a slim one, but one nonetheless, that one or both of us will meet up with my brother and his family in Orlando in October.


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        If we end up relocating in June then our trips will probably consist of driving back up to Norcal to visit family during the summer, especially since this will be the first time I've lived more than 1.5 hours away from my family!

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          Carlsbad for a week in May.
          Possibly a family reunion at Lake Almanor in August.
          I still want to get to WDW this year, if my finances allow.
          There is talk of a trip to Colorado at Christmas, but it depends on Nathan's famiy being in town for the holiday.
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            I was about to reply with trips and realized I have no trips planned! I need to fix this.

            A possible weekend in Santa Cruz and I would love a few days in Clear Lake Also, visit someone and have a Spa Tour


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              Originally posted by Disguy
              I was about to reply with trips and realized I have no trips planned! I need to fix this.

              A possible weekend in Santa Cruz and I would love a few days in Clear Lake
              Ummmmmm how about a trip to visit a certain someone and do a spa tour???

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                Originally posted by dsnylndmom
                Ummmmmm how about a trip to visit a certain someone and do a spa tour???
                You didn't see that listed on there? Check again :angel:


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                  Dollywood, Six Flags over Georgia, Lake Winnie, Six Flags Great Adventure, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Cedar Point are the big trips for us this year; we'll of course also make a run to Santa Cruz, SFMW and PGA somehow by the end of this summer.
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                    Some friends and I were planning on going to Six Flags Great Adventure next week to ride the new coaster Kingda Ka, which reaches 456 feet at its apex and launches at 128MPH so you can reach it on a 90 degree climb!

                    Last week I called the park and discovered that the coaster is still in the testing phase. They plan on opening it by the end of the month, so chances are we would've missed it.... Oh well... later this Summer then!


                    Actually, as a side note.. I'm not a big fan of this park. It has a few terrific roller coasters, but that's about it. It's been allowed to fall into such a state of ugliness in terms of theming that they should just go back to calling it an amusement park. It's really sad because you can tell how nice the place must've looked in the early 70's when it opened. Now it's a place of peeling paint everywhere, lots of bulidings with aluminum siding, lots of closed shops and restaurants, old rusted rides, and unkempt landscaping.
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                      I will be adding to my list of US States visited by going to West Virginia the week before Memorial day and then stopping in Altoona, PA on the way home. Not being a coaster fan (read scared to death of them) :o my brother and I are going to check out Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA. Home of Leap the Dips, the oldest roller coaster. With it's largest drop being all of 9 feet and a top speed of 10 MPH I think I can handle this.
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                        Four days in Portland, OR, this June and three days in S. Ohio to see my son get married, this October.
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                          Chicago the 2nd week in July.


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                            Vegas in Janurary. Booked a killer deal through Expedia. 5 days 4nights at Treasure Island. I also just bought tix for Penn and Teller. I'm Stoked!!!!!!!!!

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                              I'll be driving to Colorado Springs in 2 weeks. When we get back, we'll have been through 5 states, so it's quite the adventure. It will be my son's first big road trip so we're taking the long, looping route, hitting the Grand Canyon and looking for jackalopes.

                              Maybe a couple of days in Ensenada, sitting on the beach, doing absolutely nothing. We'll see about that one.

                              The Bay Area for Labor Day weekend for an anniversary party for my best friend and her husband.

                              Lots of driving this summer!
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                                We have gone to phx az for a nascar race. We are doing sea world in san diego. Going Camping and not much else.


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                                  We always take our grandson to Wisconsin Dells for some swimming. My husband does not like plane travel. Since its a 3 hour drive from CHicago, its a fast getaway. It's our bonding time with him. We always goes the last week of the summer, before he goes back to school.


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                                    We'll be doing a lot of family visiting trips since we're moving far away from them
                                    On June 2nd the boys get out of school and we are going to the Bay Area for 3 days, Placerville for 3 days and Arnold for 3 days(consecutively)and then finally to our new house!

                                    After I get back from my adults trip to DL in July I'm driving up to Stockton for a couple of days to visit and for birthdays. I haven't decided if I'm going to hit Placerville, Arnold & Fremont again this trip.

                                    We are thinking of doing a long weekend in San Diego in August(MIL's timeshare)but that's still in the iffy category!

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                                      May - Coronado Island, San Diego (zoos)
                                      June - Disney West Coast Cruise (sorry Disney related)
                                      July - Arizona (Business trip for Hubby, but visiting friends for Marina & I)
                                      August - North Carolina (family)
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                                        I will be heading to Ohio (Kings Island), Michigan (Michigan's Adventure), Illinois (Six Flags Great America), Wisconisin (Wisconsin Dells), and Indiana (Indiana Beach) this June for my annual Coaster Convention trip...being a coaster geek, I will ride 41 new coasters on this trip...


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