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They Got Rid Of The Dinosaur Ride At Knotts!!!!!


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  • They Got Rid Of The Dinosaur Ride At Knotts!!!!!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was my favorite ride at knotts why why why did they get rid of it? This is almost on the scale of getting rid of pirates at disneyland for me.

    Everyone please call this number and complain, they listened to me and were very concerned as well: (714) 220-5200
    Or email this to complain:
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  • #2
    I already responded in your other post that I emailed Knott's twice. We can only hope for the best at this point.

    Keep up the passion!


    • #3
      I'm pretty sure its permanently dead, but we never know. I miss the WIndjammer. I know, HORRIBLE RIDE, but it just *looked* so awesome.


      • #4
        It is just blasphemy that they would get rid of one of the only remaining attractions that has a theme and a story.
        It makes me sick that they are going to put another roller coaster there. I would be happy if they were to update the ride rather then get rid of it.


        • #5
          Well, if it is gone already and for good, I am just glad that we were able to go on it last Thanksgiving. The kids are old enough so they should be able to remember it for quite some time. That's a shame though. We have enjoyed it for three generations.



          • #6
            They got rid of the Soapbox Racer ride too. That was a long time ago but lots of fun.
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            • #7
              I thought it was quite boring and very cheesy. All of the animatronics were lame, and when I went on it the scientist didnt even have a head. Also, I didn't like how they always had to stop it to make sure everyone is ok on the ride.


              • #8
                Kingdom of the Dinosaurs was a Disney style ride in a park that needed more of the same. Unfortunately, they had been slowly killing the ride over the years. It used to be omnimover style. High capasity. Then they decided to remove most of the cars and the whole ride would come to a stop every time a train of cars was loaded/unloaded. They had to keep a CM in the back seat to make sure that no one would jump out. It just wasn't fun to be stuck in one of the time warp tunnels for over a minute waiting for the ride to start moving again. That and most of the Dinos didn't move much any more and had cracked rubber necks. So sad.

                I miss the days when Knotts was a Themepark. Now it is becoming just another Cedar Fair coaster park.
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                • #9
                  There is no doubt that it was cheesey. But it was different and fun for the kids. Sorry to see it go.

                  What's next? Getting rid of the fried chicken!!!


                  • #10
                    well now I know why Knotts hasnt been on my priority list for awhile, and wont be anylonger. Is the mine train still alive?


                    • #11
                      Wow i just remembered in my libaray i have the coolest old childrens book from Knotts " The lost little Burro" it has cool drawing of Knotts circa like 1960.


                      • #12
                        I received a (personal) response to my email to Knott's today. They have closed it for good. At least they responded to MY email with a personal note and not just an auto-responder (like DL).

                        Just the same, it's a shame that they closed it. Kudos though, for the personal response...


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by Cousin Orville
                          They got rid of the Soapbox Racer ride too. That was a long time ago but lots of fun.
                          I never did get to see "CAT-SABLANCA" playing at the theater on the Soapbox Derby ride.

                          Hey, I didn't hear anyone complaining when they closed "Knott's Berry Tales" so that they could put in "The Time Machine" attraction. That was a much better ride. And so long ago.......


                          • #14
                            I'm torn.

                            On one hand, I want to go to Knott's because it's been so long and there's a fair amount of rides I can still handle there.

                            On the other hand, I know that when I see the lake is reduced to a small puddle housing a number of coaster support beams, I'll cry.


                            • #15
                              I went to Knotts a few months ago and was very disappointed. I've been going there since I was a kid and its changed so much, and not for the better, IMO. I liked the days when they had the Gypsy caves! Anyone remember that?
                              I want my cake back!


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