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Your favorite coasters


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  • Your favorite coasters

    It seems that the last few weeks have seen a decided jump in "Non-Disney Park" threads, and I think it's awesome.

    And since some other threads have been hijacked talking about our favorite coasters I thought why not start a thread about our favorite coasters. I've personally been on 130 coasters.

    My Top 10 Coasters overall:

    Phoenix - Knoebels
    Storm Runner - Hersheypark
    Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure
    Goliath - Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Superman Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great Adventure / Six Flags Over Georgia
    Lightning Racer - Hersheypark
    Xcelerator - Knott's Berry Farm
    Mr. Freeze - Six Flags Over Texas
    Top Gun - Paramounts Great America
    Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure

    Honorable mention (or rides I would love to ride lots and lots of times):

    Great Bear - Hersheypark
    Deja Vu - SFMM
    Steel Force - Dorney Park
    Georgia Scorcher - SFOG
    Riddlers Revenge - SFMM
    Superman Krypton Coaster - SFFT
    Medusa - SFGADV
    Medusa - SFMW
    California Screamin' - DCA
    Mr. Freeze - SFOT
    V2 - SFMW
    Mindbender - SFOG
    Shockwave - SFOT
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    Re: Your favorite coasters

    Nice list, Gregg.

    I've frequented this section since it started, but most of my posts concern USH, LegoLand and Knott's.

    Having had back surgery, most coasters these days are off of my "to do" list.

    Keep up the great coaster threads though. At least I can enjoy reading about them!


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      Re: Your favorite coasters

      My favorite Coasters:

      1.Billy Guy
      2.Earl "Speedo" Carroll
      3.Carl Gardner
      4.Cornell Gunter
      5.Leon Hughes
      6.Obie Jessie
      7.Will "Dub" Jones, and
      8.Bobby Nunn
      Tref ...


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        Re: Your favorite coasters

        Do waaa
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          Re: Your favorite coasters

          I've only ridden about 40...most of which were really lame. I really only have a definate top 5. There are many I love to ride over and over though.

          Top 5:

          1) Superman-Ride of Steel - SFNE
          2) Goliath - SFoG
          3) Expedition: Everest - AK
          4) Superman: Ultimate Flight - SFoG
          5) Gream American Scream Machine - SFoG

          Honorable Mention (love to ride all the time):

          Batman: The Dark Knight - SFNE
          Rock N Rollercoaster - MGM
          Borg Assimilator - PCW
          Hurler - PCW
          Space Mountain - MK


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            Re: Your favorite coasters

            My favorite is Tatsu over at Magic Mountain. X is a real close second. I also really enjoyed Rock n' Rollercoaster at the MGM. So smooth and so well themed. Racing around listening to Aerosmith music is a plus too. Mostly I like smooth rollercoasters that don't make me feel like I'm going to pass out.


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              Re: Your favorite coasters

     the top of my head:

              Apollo's Chariot - BGW
              Alpengeist - BGW
              Nitro - Great Adventure
              Medusa - SF Great Adventure
              Hulk - IOA
              Hydra - Dorney
              Talon -Dorney
              Wildcat - Hershey Park
              Superman - SF America
              Rock 'n' Rollercoaster - MGM
              Expedition Everest - AK
              California Screamin' - DCA

              I still haven't been to Cedar Point yet.
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                Re: Your favorite coasters

                Aww man ... I forgot about GASM at SFOG.


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                  Re: Your favorite coasters

                  /\ Lol...and it came up in the other thread too...

                  It's my favorite wooden coaster.


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                    Re: Your favorite coasters

                    GrizzlyFlats' Top Five Roller Coasters
                    5. Comet at Hersheypark
                    4. Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa
                    3. Rock 'n Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM Studios
                    2. Wildcat at Hersheypark
                    1. Lightning Racer at Hersheypark

                    As you can tell, I really love my woodies.

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                      Re: Your favorite coasters

                      Only one coaster that still excites me, Millennium Force at Cedar Point.


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                        Re: Your favorite coasters

                        Originally posted by GrizzlyFlats
                        5. Comet at Hersheypark
                        Comet is without a doubt one of the weirdest coasters I have ever ridden. Looking at the lift (which is somewhat curved) you are led to believe that it's going to be a really rough ride.

                        But the ride is great.

                        Actually Hersheypark has a great selection of coasters that are just fun to ride.


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                          Re: Your favorite coasters

                          i would have to say california screamin at DCA, motazooma revenge and silver bullert at Knotts.. Love these ones

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                            Re: Your favorite coasters

                            -The Beast - PKI
                            -The Italian Job Stunt Track - PKI
                            -Avatar: The Last Airbender - PKI
                            -Any ride at DL and DCA
                            -Superman's Great Escape - SFMM
                            -The Big Shot - Las Vegas

                            I have really only ever been to SFMM (once for a day in 2002) and PKI, other than DL and DCA a few times. I'm not much of a thrill coaster kind of person, i'm deathly afraid of heights. The only reason I even went on the last 2 mentioned was because my best friend tricked me onto it.
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                              Re: Your favorite coasters

                              the Corkscrew, any one do this when it was at knotts? it was moved to Silverwood theme park in Idaho in 1990. I was told not to do this coaster, it was to rough on the body, whats your take on this?



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