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Photo Trip Report: Six Flags Over Georgia


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  • Photo Trip Report: Six Flags Over Georgia

    I had a week long conference in Georgia last week so what do we decide tag on a mini-trip to the weekend.

    When I arrived in Atlanta on last Monday the weather was gorgeous. Low to mid 80's, low humidity, just perfect. Figures that the day Kristi flies in (Thursday) the weather takes a turn and get's cold and rainy.

    Our original plan was to drive up to Dollywood on Saturday morning, but the weather there was calling for cold and rain. We then thought about Wild Adventures, but after seeing there was a Brian McKnight concert there on Saturday that was out.

    So we just figured we would do 2 days at SFOG. But, in typical Gregg and Kristi fashion, and since we didn't need to get up early on Saturday anymore, we partied with my work friends on Friday and stayed up WAY too late.

    But, we still managed to get to SFOG for opening.

    Let me first start off by saying that this was my first trip to the south. Let me also add that the more I travel outside of CA the less I like CA. The people I met this week were so awesome. From the people who threw the conference, to the hotel I called home for 5 nights. To the Liquor Store workers (YAY for liquor stores), to the many waiters, waitresses I encountered.

    Even at the Days Inn by SFOG. We arrived at 9:30am with a check-in time of 3pm. Not only did they let us check in early but they called not 5 minutes after we checked in to make sure everything was okay with the room. You would NEVER find this in CA.

    Okay, now to the actual park stuff.

    We arrived at the park at 10am. First thing we notice, damn, this is a nice looking park. They had a bunch of characters at the entrance, which I thought was for photo ops. I was going to get a picture with Foghorn (for Robb) but they weren't doing photo stuff. Turns out they have a cool routine with the Venga Boys song and all of the characters dance to it. I got it on video, so maybe you will all get to see it eventually.

    We knew we were going to get Qbot, but were still unsure about Gold vs. Regular. After being assured that we could upgrade to Gold if needed we opted for the Regular Qbot.

    First stop: Georgia Cyclone. Wait ... none.

    This reminds me so much of Psyclone at SFMM when it first opened. A little rough, but fast and fun. We ended up getting 2 rides on this for the day. 8/10

    Next: Ninja. Wait ... none.

    It's a Vekoma. It actually looked pretty smooth before we got on it. Of course it wasn't. My knee hurts more than anything. 2/10

    Superman: Ultimate Flight. Wait ... 5 minutes with Qbot

    Holy Crap!!! I knew I would love this ride, I just didn't know how much. It just totally blew me away. I think it's definitely Kristi and my #1 Steel Coaster now. Nothing can explain how great this ride is. We ended up riding this 3 total rides. Which was enough. 10/10

    GASM. Wait ... 5 minutes for front row (no Qbot)

    I knew this was a good ride. I just didn't know how good. So suprisingly smooth, I can't explain. I think this is now my #1 woodie. (Rattler at SFFT was my previous #1 so it's not any surprise this took it's spot) We got 2 rides, I could sit on it for 30 hours easy!!! 10/10

    At this point it was about noon and we were getting tired. Up too late the night before. But ... we saw Deja Vu testing. NO WAY!!! We make our way over there to see ... nothing. Crap. Thought we could get lucky. We then decide to take the sky-ride to the front, turn in our Qbot and go to the hotel for lunch and a nap.

    A 2 hour nap and some Chick-Fil-A later we were ready to go back at around 3pm.

    We go pick our Qbot up and didn't upgrade to gold.

    First stop ... Acrophobia. Wait ... 25 minutes with Qbot.

    Damn, another #1 for me at this park. #1 Steel, #1 Wood, #1 Drop Ride. If only it still rotated. But it's just amazing. I hope they build more of these. 10/10

    Next: Mine Train (while waiting for Qbot for Acro)

    Not as good as the one in TX or Gold Rusher. But, it was fun. Probably the longest actual line we waited in all day. 5/10

    Mindbender. Wait time ... 30 minutes with Qbot

    It was at this point we decided to upgrade to gold. But after our ride. Only 1 train op, but I was just happy it was open. Front row, awesome ride. Would have loved more rides on this if it weren't for the 1 train op. 8/10 (would be 9 if not for 1 train op)

    Batman. Wait time ... 20 minutes with Qbot

    So while we were waiting for out time I went up to the front of the park and upgraded to the Gold. And queued up Scorcher while there. Batman is interesting. I have been on the one at SFMM more times than I can count. I didn't ride the one in TX last year. What I don't understand though, is if this is a clone, how is it so much better? Smoother, more forceful and just more fun. Awesome ride. 9/10

    Georgia Scorcher. Wait time 5 minutes with Qbot gold.

    Is it possible for yet another #1? #1 standup? I won't say this blows away Riddlers Revenge (the only other standup I have ridden) but it is better. This ride just goes to show that you don't have to be the tallest, fastest or have 7 inversions to be an awesome ride. 9/10

    Monster Plantation. Wait time 0 minutes with Qbot.

    The Qbot thing wasn't working so they just let us walk right on. It had nothing to do with the gold. This certainly has to be the most interesting ride in the park. I won't say it's bad ... but ... it's bad, but in a good way. 6/10

    We then hit Cyclone, Acro, Superman and GASM once more each with the Qbot and left the park at 8pm to have dinner at Carrabas. We were supposed to go back today but we were exhausted and actually got an earlier flight home. Which I'm glad we did.

    Overall I give the park an 8/10. The rides are awesome, the staff is awesome, but it's still a Six Flags park. I did see some bad operations, not everything was open at 10am, but that's okay. My biggest peeve was the severe lack of SFOG specific merchandise. No magnets, Shot Glasses, etc. They did have some but it had Viper (mindbender) stuff on it. But it was still fun.

    Here are some pics:

    At the front of the park:

    Characters at the front:

    Georgia Cyclone:

    Georgia Scorcher:

    Deja Vu, Closed of course:

    Cotton States:


    Best ... Ride ... EVER:

    Obligatory Construction Photo's:


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    More Photos:

    Thought this was a cool sign:

    Mine Train:

    Anybody remember this fountain?:

    Their Gotham in effin' sweet:


    Night shot from the Days Inn:



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