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Going to Carowinds!!!


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  • Going to Carowinds!!!

    In June, when I travel to North Carolina, I will be visiting Carowinds. For those who do not know (and those who do please feel free to add any info here), Carowinds is a theme park that is built partly in North Carolina and partly in South Carolina!!! Very interesting. They have some coasters and alot of kiddie rides. I'm not sure how to stack it up next to any other parks, but I'm interested to see thos place. Especially since it's in 2 states. Very intriguing. I'll post pics when I come back from vacation!!!!
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    Never been there, but as a coaster enthusiast, I do know a little about the place. Their racing woodie ( forgot the name ) is really cool, as the left hand side is in one state and the right hand side in the other!

    Top Gun, an inverted coaster, is based on Montu at busch Gardens Tampa. It has the infamous Batwing element that Montu debuted, and if it's anything like Montu it is one hell of a ride!

    An of course there's the water swing coaster...I rode a similar ride at Hersheypark and that was seriously cool ( weather permitting! ).
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      Thats Paramount... so it's OK in my book.. (they get great ideas all the time..)

      By the way: Resistance is futal(SP?)....

      (I got to go here soon..I enjoyed Kings Dominion...)


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        Oh Carowinds! I forgot about Carowinds!!! I've been there, although it's been many many moons.......

        Have fun!!! When we lived in NC, we used to go to Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion in Virginia (because we were close to the NC/VA border) and I remember BEGGING to go to Carowinds!!! I think we finally went when we actually lived in Oregon and we were visiting NC.


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          As Figment hinted Carowinds got Stealth: The Worlds First Flying Coaster and re-themed it/refurbished it to some Star Trek thing.
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            Originally posted by MiceMan
            As Figment hinted Carowinds got Stealth: The Worlds First Flying Coaster and re-themed it/refurbished it to some Star Trek thing.
            Is that the park that got Great America's Stealth? I remember coming to the park for the first timein a looong time and being like "hey stealth's gone"

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