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SFMW cancels Holiday in the Park


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  • SFMW cancels Holiday in the Park

    In a letter sent to passholders, it states "This year our operations will go into winter hibernation on November 4 following the Medusa Mile and the conclusion of Fright Fest as usual; rather than host Holiday in the Park this year, we are planning to extend our operating season in 2007 along with several of our sister parks, and our goal is to debut a great Holiday in the Park experience at SFMW at that time."

    It also mentions a season pass only event where "discounts on all SFMW branded merchandise" will be available. This could lend credence to reports of a name change, or merely be house cleaning a la Character Warehouse merch.

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    Re: SFMW cancels Holiday in the Park

    wow, i use to work there for 3 seasons.I wonder why they changed it back.
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