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Hades Construction Pictures ... for all of us coaster nuts!!


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  • Hades Construction Pictures ... for all of us coaster nuts!!

    All I can say is Holy Jeebus ...

    This coaster looks so unbelievable I think we may have decided to go to the Dells in August!!!

    Check out the pics here:

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    Yeah, 90 degree banking in an underground dark tunnel... at very high speed.

    I think we're gonna head there too - Cyclops was a lot of fun.
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      Where is it!?!?! BOOK MY PLANE TIX NOW!!!
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        Wow.........that looks beyond awesome! I wanna go!


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          Hades is here:

          That's in Wisconsin.


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            I almost died when I saw those pics. Who all wants to go!!!!!!!???????
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              It looks really spectacular. Everybody's extremely surprised by it and love it. So do I.

              But.... ( sorry

              ...isn't this just a designing error? I mean...I'm not sure lying on your side in a turn is all that great a feeling.
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                Now that's wild!!! It has to go at a high speed if it makes 90 Degree turn like that, being a wooden coaster and all.
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                  Their other coasters are great too. But truely spectacular is the new coaster "Avalanche" built by S&S/Arrow at "Timber Falls Adventure Golf down the road. It opened last year and is unreal. The other Mt. Olympus coasters are great too. Check out my pics of them at I particularly love the big drop in's one of the single greatest moments of Airtime ever..'s so intense in the back they removed a car, and still only let 18+ year olds ride in the back seat!


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                    Check out N. America's steepest wooden coaster drop, makes me drool!:


                    More pics of Hades in action:

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