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  • Port aventura

    Hello guys, I'm back with my european themepark update
    As i've allready showed you some efteling pictures I would like to show you some pictures of an european favourit "port aventura".
    When I visited the park for the first time I was really amazed about this park, it has stunning theming and faboulus rides. The only negative things I can come up are; the theming lacks a bit of humour, it's just too good, there is no real darkride in the park which I think is a shame!

    When you enter the park the first thing you'll see in the mediterranea is the beautifull mediterranean lake at the entrance! It doesn't show so much of the park but is full of ambiance!

    The lake at night

    The majestic Dragon Kahn, just walk the chinese walk and ride it!

    One of the park main rides, templo el fuego a stunning show with a lot of fire. (hmm maybe that's why they called it the temple of fire)

    My favourite coaster in the park, stampida! a duelling wooden coaster!

    some other pictures

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    Re: Port aventura

    I love Port Aventura. Although, I'm still undecided wether or not this is a theme park. Really good atmospheric settings, but...naked rides.

    Dragon Khan is really good and intens - one of the few good ones by B&M if you ask me. And Stampida, well, I love CCI. The last day I had at the park was extremely rainy, and I had both Stampida trains running only for me...for 5 minutes. AMAZINg stuff!

    Mediteranea is really nice with the lake and all. i never understood why you would use a theme that actually exists in real life only a few miles away, but hey, it's cool
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      Re: Port aventura

      THANK YOU!! I have been intrigued about "Port Aventura" since I first heard of it thru the Universal association. Your photos really impress me. I don't expect a lovely park as this outside the Disney properties, but now I am even more interested in visiting sometime in the future. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Parque Espana theme park in the Osaka area, but much nicer here. I am impressed with the level of theming which to me, looks even better than some of the stuff at the MK now a days..
      Thank you for the update.


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        Re: Port aventura

        Looks like a great place. Spain has a few great looking parks!


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          Re: Port aventura

          Reminds me a bit of the Mediterranean Harbor area of Tokyo DisneySea, just not nearly as elaborate or romantic. Still a fantastic looking theme park though!
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            Re: Port aventura

            Well, if I remember right, the park was built originally as a partnership between Tussaud (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington, all in the UK) and Busch. So, you got both companies influence.

            Universal and spanish banks later bought the park and Universal marked its influence by adding the Sea Odyssey simulator and Templo Del Fuego special effects shows. They also got their own version of Halloween Horror Nights! Last year, the banks bought out Universal's stake, so they're now the sole owners and unlike Universal who wasn't interested in investing, the banks want to build up the park! Hurakan Condor (the huge freefall tower) and the 2007 new ride, Furious Baco is due to the banks.

            Furious Baco is a new prototype, using trains that are similar to the ones on X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It will feature a launch and a figure 8 layout with a barrel roll. The theming and story is based... on wine!


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              Re: Port aventura

              The new rides cars won't spin like X's though.

              I'm so excited, I'm going to Spain in June/July next year and this is one of the parks I get to visit! I've always wanted to go (come on, 8 inverting B&M)

              Great pictures, can't wait to see it myself.
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