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  • Lego Star Wars at Legoland

    I know most armchair imagineering is of the Disney variety on this site, but this is one that I just can't get out of my head.

    Lego Star Wars I & II (the videogames) have sold a kazillion copies worldwide. They're fantastic, family friendly (but with grown-up challenge) games that take Star Wars and humorously set the stories in the world of Legos. Seriously... they're just about the most critically praised, universally loved games on the market right now.

    Legoland is also a great destination for families. George Lucas will depend on reaching those kids if SW is to remain relevant. The link is clear and I believe a "Lego Star Wars Land" of Legoland would be GREAT! Recreate the SW world with a cheeky Lego touch (just like the game!) and this would be a HUGE hit that benefits everyone. Lego gets a broader demo draw and Lucas reaches the kids he hopes will care about SW in the future... Shopping for SW lego kits in a Lego designed space port... snacks at a Lego version of the Mos Eisley Cantina... could go on forever on this...

    And the centerpiece ride? I would think a TRADITIONAL style dark ride with character proportions roughly equivalent to IASW only in Lego form. Get some of those laid-off Imagineers together and I know they could come up with a winner.

    My understanding is that Lucas' deal with Disney is only to films... this would be to a video game (a loophole?). Plus, even if the games fade from memory (and there's no sign of that) Lego and SW are so linked (with LOTS of toy kits) that this would be an area/attraction that would stand the test of time.

    Just my thoughts... had to FORCE that out on you! Thanks!!!

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