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Another 10/20 USH HHN Trip Report


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  • Another 10/20 USH HHN Trip Report

    i heard a few ups and downs about USH's HHN and i decided to go with a few friends there. while in my friend's mom's vehicle, i call universal studios' customer service, to ask a question about bringing a few boxes of juicy juice incase i get low blood sugar [i'm diabetic]. a lady told me that i would not be allowed to take them in and i was deeply worried. as my friends and i approached the security line which was very light, and they did the whole metal detector wand thing, and they checked out my backpack, and they did not have a problem at all with my juice boxes! i was surprised and very happy haha.

    now we entered the park, and we start freaking to the music and watch the fog and the lights for a few seconds. we all needed to pee for some reason so we ran to the nearest restroom. obviously me and spenser finished thanks to the creation of urinals haha, and the ladies (Sarah, nicole, and kristen) took awhile due to the line. Me and Spenser waited outside near waterworld...and the fog somewhat got thicker. i am easily scared and i knew that scare actors would have a blast scaring me. i hear a slight vrmm and i think its not coming this way...i then see one of the chainsaw guys run towards me VROOOMM VROOMMMM and i have no where to turn so i jumped on spenser's back. after realizing that he wasn't going away, we both ran towards the restroom to see if the girls were out yet, and the chainsaw guy proceeded to chase us. finally the girls come out and they point and laugh as they see us cornered by the chainsaw man. he left and i took out my inhaler and took deeeeep breaths. hahaha

    we linked up, and marched like in marching band haha, singing songs to not get too freaked out by a few of the scare actors. we headed for the terror tram which had NO WAIT. i was excited for this. a strange perverted man with a hideous face was holding very large women undergarments and asked me if they were mine. we boarded the terror tram and had a pretty cool tour guide named carlos. the video on the tram was pretty tedious and i was confused because i thought pavel did not have an accent, but i guess he does now!

    carlos told us to get the hell out and out came more chainsaw guys. the gasoline smell was pretty intense i must say. clowns are not a favorite of mine, and i was cringing whenever i saw one of them. they honked their horns at me and i started singing numerous beatles songs to calm myself down. it did not work and i freaked out. sarah and kristen closed their eyes throughout whoville and spenser was just messing around with a few of the scare actors/resses haha. nicole was FEARLESS.

    we then proceeded going to the bates motel i think? and there was a lot of acting and not many scares. a cheer leader named becky with no eyes touched my shoulders and she was asking for help. wow. it was pretty realistic. jocks came out with no arms haha, not so scary. i loved watching the cheerleaders get stabbed. mr bates was pretty creepy.

    next was the war of the worlds set and i didn't see many zombies it dissapointed me.

    we boarded the tram again to go into the mummy tunnel thing. there were a few people getting killed off the side which was pretty nifty. we had a new tour guide named miss ghoulfrienddd. she was awesome.

    we all went off the tram and decided to go to the asylum. while in line a few chain saw pigmen were trying to freak us out. the asylum only had a 30 minute wait. this maze had a few good scares, i really liked the whole lobby thing with the cartoons in the TV going on haha. some of the patients were just feeding off my fear of them, and i clinged onto kristen for so long. the part where you had to move the clear body bags filled with stuff to pass through was terrifying. i really liked the dead nurses though haha.

    we then went to jurrasic park which was a 5 minute wait and i took a few pictures with the zombie flipper and a dead scarface. we all ate food and fooded up for an hour and a half. i tried full throttle for the first time and it made me a bit jittery. after that we jsut chillaxed through the scare zones and i really liked the london one! i remember in someone's trip report about a group of people singing happy birthday around a monster and we did the same exact thing! it was some monster with a sledge hammer and we went around it and sang happy birthday ,and we ran off when more monsters started coming near us.

    we had to leave at 12:30 because we had a band competition the next day and we had to sleep. overall, i had a great time. i didnt' get to go in the house of horrors though, but oh well.

    thanks pavel! thanks for a great night filled with good scares and laughter.

    here are the pictures i have, i didn't take much, but my friend did and i guess i'll post em here when she uploads them. they're out of order and i didn't take much of the scenery..sorry D:

    that is all for now i enjoy? haha

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    Re: Another 10/20 USH HHN Trip Report

    Great pics!

    Looks like a great time, too!



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      Re: Another 10/20 USH HHN Trip Report

      sounds like you had an AWESOME time. that makes me really happy!! i work near the western street at the hollywood ticket outlet.

      i LOVE the pic of you guys on the escalator. perfect picture. and that picture of the guy going up to the psycho house is pretty awesome too.
      kingdom hearts <3er


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        Re: Another 10/20 USH HHN Trip Report

        picture of the guy going up to the psycho house
        that "guy" is the Norman Bates, he was hawt *shifty eyes*
        Will there be screams when the sun sets,
        -=Is It October Yet?=-

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        Originally posted by pratt55
        Elly is adorkable.


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