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Idea to replace Back to the Future when it becomes outdated


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  • Idea to replace Back to the Future when it becomes outdated

    That area is huge. If you knock it all down, there would be enough room for a new awesome ride. Thinking of a soon-to-be released movie "Doom", you could make a shooting game similar to that of the MIB ride in Orlando, but this ride would also have it's points of high-speed thrills. What do you guys think?
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    You ewould want to tear down a building that cost a small fortune to build (after that mishap of building a small foundation the first time.) for a shooting ride....

    Why not take out an older or even better.... Take over a empty soundstage... wait Hollywood uses theres.. FLA only uses half.. hmm... they need a ride like MIB.... where is there room??


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      My vote says that BTTF is dated now. I recall that when they first opened it, they said that the (major) investment would be secured due to the fact that when the ride gets tired, it would be easy to change the theme of the ride to something else. Different movie, soundtrack, vehicles and movement. That made sense. Maybe now that NBC has taken over from those french guys, something might happen there...

      We still go on it, but I usually pass and let the kids go on their own.


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        Personally, I like IMAX/OMNIMAX ride-films (AKA large-format ride films), but if they do replace BTTF, they should keep the ride system and just change the theming.
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          I agree it's already dated, and although I don't like USH removing one ride for another (seriously need to up their ride count), a simulator isn't a real ride to me, so it can go. And what would I put in it's place? The Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman!
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            You could never put MIB where BTTF is. The MIB building is too big.

            Here is the orlando MIB building:

            Orlando MIB Building

            Here is the USH BTTF building:

            USH BTTF building:

            I would say that the MIB building is at least twice as big as BTTF. I would LOVE to have MIB in CA, but it probably won't happen, unless it's a shortened version.


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              I just think that overall, USH needs to get something new in. After taking out the ET rise and replacing it with the Mummy ride, that was just total disappointment. If you think about it, the most recent movie-themed attraction is Van Helsing. They did take out the Spiderman Rock show and they're replacing it with a Survivor thing where the audience participates in the stunts. So, YES, something new should be done with BTTF, re-do it, replace it, do something!

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                Remember the building is a large multifloor building. In a way they could make Spiderman or MIB start from the bottom floor and work your way gradually towards the top and then down again.

                But when one thinks about it, the Mummy ride would have worked better in that building. It could have been a really big ride in there compared to the ET building.


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