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Putting a Legoland spin on knighthood, golf balls May 1, 2005


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  • Putting a Legoland spin on knighthood, golf balls May 1, 2005

    A bit later than planned, Legoland California is going medieval on you.

    Originally scheduled to open in March, the new Knights' Tournament, with robotic arms that swivel 70 different ways to create the sensation of a trackless roller coaster, is now set to debut May 26 at the theme park near San Diego. Each 2 1/2-ton arm will carry two passengers who, after crossing over a medieval moat, can choose one of five levels of intensity for their ride.
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    It's not fair! Bionicle, the superior Lego franchise, gets overglorified teacups at the American park while the kiddy Knights Kingdom gets an awesome E-Ticket!


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      I heard the ride doesn't give anything else but a headache.

      They took out a low capacity coaster and put in an even lower capacity attraction. It only holds about 300 people an hour, which will create HUGE lines. I would not call this an E-ticket by any means.

      We were supposed to go Saturday but Legoland screwed up our payment for our AP's, for the 2nd time. Needless to say we cancelled them.


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