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Universal front of the line

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  • Universal front of the line


    On their website, USH promotes Front of the Line passes for 89 USD. However they're only valid untill 5/27. I would like to buy such a pass but I'm not visiting untill July. Does anyone know if they offer this pass during peak season and where I could buy is ( the official website doesn't list anything after 5/27 ).

    Ad luna in flamma gloria

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    Anyone? :confused:
    Ad luna in flamma gloria


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      I would email them and ask, or check the website after 5/27. it seems the 5/27 deadline is for the discounted price. after that promo, they may do a different one.


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        Tonny: What particular time in July are you planning to visit USH? You may not even need a Front-of-Line pass. The only reason I can see why you'd want it is to get prime seating at the movie-type attractions. I can't forsee you needing the FOL pass to make sure you get on all the ride attractions. You can also buy one at the ticket booth when you get there. I live very close by and go every once in a while, hopefully I'll remember to check it out next time I'm there.


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          Thank you for your replies.

          The reason I want(ed) this pass was because a) we will visit the park on a saturday, July 9th to be precise, and b) because we won't arrive untill 4-ish. So that means we have probably have a day left.

          By the way, I already bought my passes now, so I'm afraid it's too late to cancel. You were right, the option to buy a summer FOL pass came after the 27/5 discount ended.

          Thanks for our help - looking forward to the park and rest of Southern California now!
          Ad luna in flamma gloria