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Mitch Hawkers Steel Coaster Results are in


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  • Mitch Hawkers Steel Coaster Results are in

    Only 3 Disney coasters in the top 50 with Everest seated at #44. Which normally you would shake your head ... but on a strictly "Coaster" poll that's actually pretty impressive for Disney to be ranked as high.

    The Top 50:

    1 Superman - Ride of Steel - Six Flags New England (MA, USA)
    2 Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park (Germany)
    3 Nemesis - Alton Towers (UK)
    4 Goliath - Walibi World (Netherlands)
    5 Katun - Mirabilandia (Italy)
    6 Millennium Force - Cedar Point (Ohio, USA)
    7 Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ, USA)
    8 Black Mamba - Phantasialand (Denmark)
    9 Pyrenees - Parque EspaNa (Japan)
    10 Goliath - Six Flags Over Georgia (GA, USA)
    11 SheiKra - Busch Gardens Tampa (FL, USA)
    12 Superman Ride of Steel - Six Flags America (MD, USA)
    13 Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa (FL, USA)
    14 Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood Park (PA, USA)
    15 Superman Ride of Steel - Six Flags Darien Lake (NY, USA)
    16 Superman Escape - Warner Bros. Movie World (Australia)
    17 Dueling Dragons Fire - Islands of Adventure (FL, USA)
    18 Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (VA, USA)
    19 Storm Runner - Hersheypark (PA, USA)
    20 Tornado - Sarkanniemi (Finland)
    21 Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa (FL, USA)
    22 Liseberganan - Liseberg (Sweden)
    23 Dueling Dragons Ice - Islands of Adventure (FL, USA)
    24 Xcelerator - Knott's Berry Farm (CA, USA)
    25 Goliath - La Ronde (Canada)
    26 Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point (OH, USA)
    27 Incredible Hulk - Islands of Adventure (FL, USA)
    28 Kraken - Sea World Orlando (FL, USA)
    29 Top Gun - Paramount's Carowinds (NC, USA)
    30 Dragons Fury - Chessington (UK)
    31 Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America (IL, USA)
    32 Powder Keg - Silver Dollar City (MO, USA)
    33 Speed: No Limits - Oakwood (UK)
    34 Tatsu - Six Flags Magic Mountain (CA, USA)
    35 Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studios (FL, USA)
    36 BMRX - Kobe Portopialand (Japan)
    37 Olympia Looping - Traveling (Denmark)
    38 Dragon Khan - Port Aventura (Spain)
    39 Winjas - Phantasialand (Denmark)
    40 Raptor - Cedar Point (OH, USA)
    41 Volcano: The Blast Coaster - Paramount's Kings Dominion (VA, USA)
    42 Mindbender - Six Flags Over Georgia (GA, USA)
    43 Speed Monster - Tusenfryd (Norway)
    44 Expedition Everest - Disney Animal Kingdom (FL, USA)
    45 Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (VA, USA)
    46 California Screamin' - Disney CA Adventure (CA, USA)
    47 Space Mountain - Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong)
    48 Talon - Dorney Park (PA, USA)
    49 Shockwave - Six Flags Over Texas (TX, USA)
    50 HeiBe Fahrt - Freizeitp Klotten (Denmark)

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    Re: Mitch Hawkers Steel Coaster Results are in

    I am proud to say my home coaster Superman made #1. It is the best afterall.

    Goliath at SFoG was my #2 coaster, to have it at #10 is awesome.

    As was I impressed with SheKra's spot at #11.

    What I wasn't impressed with was Kumba's spot. Wow. Apparently I am the only one who thought that coaster was not very good at all.

    Everest...well it could have been higher but yes for Disney that is very good.

    What killed me though is SFoG's Superman Ultimate Flight made #99...and it was the only one to break the top 100. !!! I thought that it was amazing and it is one of my top 10 by far!

    And Borg Assimilator...fine it wasn't spectacular but it was good...and to have DEJA FREAKIN VU be rated higher than it?
    :thumbdown: I have less faith in the human race now.


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      Re: Mitch Hawkers Steel Coaster Results are in

      ^ I agree with Superman at SFOG. I actually prefer the Supermans (I've ridden SFOG's and SFGADV's) over Tatsu.


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