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Alton Towers on Most Haunted


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  • Alton Towers on Most Haunted

    Did anyone in the UK catch last night new episode of Most Haunted on Living TV. Yvette and the team visited Alton Towers.Got to say the history of the place with its curses and ghost does interest me.Has any MiceChat members ever encountered any strange things going on while visiting Alton Towers or for that fact any other non Disney theme park.I'll be interested to know.Below I've posted a bit of history taken from the Living TV website regarding the history of the Towers and its un explained mystery's.

    Known as a location for fun and family entertainment, does Alton Towers have a darker side? As well as a myriad of rollercoasters and themed rides, the park also contains an imposing gothic country house, which, along with the surrounding countryside, is considered one of the most paranormally active sites in the UK. Some kind of fortress has been housed on the site since the 8th century, while various Earls of Shrewsbury occupied the castle from the 1400s, until a certain Lady Ankarat de Verdun married Sir John Talbot, and the area stayed with the same family well into the 20th century. The landscaping of the grounds surrounding the towers was the dream of the 15th Earl, Charles Talbot, who had teams of architects and gardeners creating the breathtaking grounds, ensuring that all aspects of the site were unique. The gardens were first open to the public in the 1860s, but financial problems led Alton Towers to be sold in the 1920s. By then the house was in a ruinous state, but restorations of the gardens began. Rollercoasters and other rides began to appear in the 1970s, with the famous Corkscrew opened in 1980. Now Alton Towers is considered one of the finest Theme Parks in Europe.
    There are many stories of curses surrounding the towers and the area. Even the first inhabitant of the fortress on the site, Ceolred, King of Mercia was thought to have gone insane and stories of a curse began. The Talbot family was thought to have been cursed by an old woman that a particular Earl neglected. She is said to have stated that for every branch that fell from an oak tree in the grounds, a member of the family would die. Since then this tree has been held together by chains and is a source of great paranormal activity. A Lady in Black has been spotted several times walking the corridors of the towers, the music room also has a ghostly visitor. Small stones and objects have been thrown at patrons and staff, heavy, running footsteps have been reported and shadows are often seen. Even one of the towers' rides, the aptly named Hex, is considered haunted.
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