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Knott's Berry Farm closed Attractions


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  • Knott's Berry Farm closed Attractions

    So far, I only know of these attractions that Knott's no longer has, can anyone add on any that I have not listed.

    Kingsom of the Dinosaurs
    Knott's Bear-y Tales
    Soap Box Racers
    Sky Jump
    Wind Jammer
    Nu-Wave 3-D Theater
    Dolphin Pavillion
    Edison Lights Show
    Gran Slammer
    Tijuana Taxi: Can anybody explain to me what this attraction was?
    Tampico Tumbler
    Gasoline Alley
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  • #2
    The Haunted Shack

    This was a big one I really didnt like when they took it out. it was a real Knotts classic


    • #3
      Boy, do I miss the Soap Box Racers, Haunted Shack, and Tampico that order...


      • #4
        What? They got rid of Kingdom of the Dinosaurs? Wasn't that ride used in Beverly Hills Cop III?


        • #5
          I didn't realize they took out the Haunted Shack. (I almost never visit Knott's.) I miss Knott's Berry Tales and the scrumptious berry smell that was piped into the attraction.


          • #6
            Don't forget, they took out the church so they could put Silver Bullet in. I believe they relocated it across the street though.
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            • #7
              Originally posted by DL_CRAZE
              Wind Jammer
              These three are all still here, they are just renamed.

              And they DID tear out the Chapel. They "relocated" it across the street by Independance Hall, but not really. They took the original steeple, windows, and pews and slapped it on a new building. Which wasn't the case for the real one, which was transported across the country to be located at Knott's.
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              • #8
                how very sad that they took out the Haunted Shack and Tampico Tumbler. those were some of my favorite attractions there.
                I worked at Knotts the summer of 2002. There have been so many changes even since then. Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, TampicoTumbler, Haunted Shack, GranSlammer, and Hammerhead were all still there then. They have added some bigger new roller coasters like Xcelerator and Silver Bullet. It is really a shame that they moved the Chapel. It was in such a beautiful place in the park.

                I have no idea what Tijuana Taxi is, or was.
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                • #9
                  The Haunted Shack is gone???

                  What was put in its place?

                  I believe the Loop Trainer is another extinct ride.....and the only amusement park ride ever to make me nauseous.
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                  • #10
                    I figured that they'd move the Chapel considering that it did hold sunday services each week. I'm sure it was getting difficult to track who was there for church services and who was trying to sneak into the park.

                    The Haunted Shack is gone??? What???? I loved that attraction, especially during Haunt. BAD BAD BAD...Greg Picon! Oops...or was it during Jack's tenure?


                    • #11
                      Wasn't the Tijuana Taxi a car ride in the same spot Tampico Tumbler used to be? I remember riding it when I was a kid. Not to be confused with the other car ride by the Soap Box Racers.


                      • #12
                        I believe they put a build-a-bear type establishment where the haunted shack used to be. FOR SHAME!!

                        ^clicky clicky^


                        • #13
                          Tijuana Taxi was just a car ride a-la Autopia.

                          Loop Trainer was a ride there too, and it was at Magic Mtn. too but was called Enterprise, then the Atom Smasher or some lame re-name after the area turned into Gotham City. It's gone now.

                          I too miss Bear-y Tales And the Sky Jump. And the Wacky Soap Box Racers. And........


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by melmel
                            These three are all still here, they are just renamed.
                            Hammerhead was replace with some ride that opened last year and Windjammer was replace by xcellerator.

                            You miss whirlpool and greased lightning


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Olympicnut
                              Tijuana Taxi was just a car ride a-la Autopia.
                              I thought it was a Zamperla Crazy Bus - you know, a kiddie version of the "flying sofa".
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