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Transportation around Disneyland???


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  • Transportation around Disneyland???

    is their any transportation from Orange county airport to Disneyland hotel....

    Then from Disneyland hotel to Universal Hollywood?

    Hearing about the fights at SFMM and the deterioration at Knotts.. I have decided on USH..... Can anyone help tell me what transit options there are.

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    First of all, I do suggest you go to the Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knotts anyway! The biscuits are still the best around. But to answer your question....

    There are several ways to get to USH from DLH. This is assuming you are going during the weekday. You can either take a shuttle or OCTA bus to the Anaheim Metrolink Station next to Angels Stadium. The Metrolink train (OC Line) or even Amtrak can take you straight into Downtown LA, Union Station. At Union Station proceed to the Red Line (subway) and take the train going to North Hollywood (NOT the Wilshire/Western train)- and your Metrolink train ticket serves as a transfer ticket so ne need to buy another one. However with an Amtrak ticket, you need to get a Red Line ticket but its not that expensive. Universal City is the 2nd to the last stop (North Hollywood being the last). Get off that exit and take the escalators back up and once outside you'll see a big hill...that Universal. Just walk up the hill!!!! Red Line trains run every 12 minutes during non-peak hours up until midnight. You can get back to Anaheim in reverse order.

    Metrolink trains only run so many a day since it is a commuter train. The other option is taking the MTA bus from Disneyland but I think you'd have to transfer quite a bit just to get to Universal.

    PM me and I can get you more specific info on the day you plan going. You're lucky, I used to be a transportation planner for LA County and I commuted from Orange County- 48 miles each day one way...urgh.


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      Yes, PLEASE still go to Knott's. As a tourist, you won't have the kind of emotional detachment nor the kind of attention to detail in noticing long-term deterioration as I do. But don't go for thrills... go for the "Ghost Town" experience. OF COURSE get a chicken dinner!! And shop all the little shops in Ghost Town. Make sure you see the Mystery Lodge, The Timber Mountain Log Ride, and The Calico Mine Ride. Cross the street and see the old Reflections Church and replice of Independance Hall and its show! This park is great for its history and its "Old West" feel... what's left of it. Go this trip... don't save it for next time, ten years down the line. Because what makes this park charming might be gone by then.
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        by all means go to knott's for a little bit anyway.

        there are shuttles from orange county/ john wayne/ san fernando airport. get your luggage and go outdoors towards the taxi/ shuttle area. if you have a large group, call ahead and get a reservation. the airport website has shuttle numbers. if there isn't a lot, like 4 or less, just cross the street to the far median and there will be someone with a clipboard either on the median or in the booth. these shuttles run frequently but have no set schedule, so you may have to wait a bit. they will take you directly to your hotel. if others are riding with you, they make stops according to an effecient plan. meaning you may stop at one hotel before yur own. i think round trip is $18 plus tip. they do handle your bags.

        there is also a scheduled bus, but the smaller shuttle service is a bit faster.

        also, check with dl hotel concierge. they would have info on a gray line tour to ush. i did that one year and it was easy. the only complaint i had was that the bus didn't stay til closing. but got there right at opening and did almost everything i wanted to do. just plan the shows as best you can. those you must see. besides the backstage tour. and mummy ride.
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