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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007


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  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

    I had the chance to attend the media preview for the debut of the new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom makeover (Formally Six Flags Marine World.) I'm not very good at the witty captions (and its 2 a.m. at this point of writing) so I'll just let my photos tell my story instead.

    Special thanks goes out to all the PR/marketing team as always. It was a fun privilege to be able to document the park as it changes for the best yet again. Thanks Discovery Kingdom!

    Ready.....Here we go:

    The park entrance has changed just a TAD since last year. V2's paint job also reflects the new SKY section of the park. Keep reading and you will see what I mean.

    The new tram turnaround area.

    As you can see there are a ton of new "trademark" shots that can be taken now.

    SFDK's new park ambassador Captain Lee Munro shows off the Land, Sea, and Sky animals of the park.

    Bug's and Daffy in their Safari Gear.

    Sky Portal. Notice how the colors match V2's new paint job? It makes a bit more sense now, and actually looks really good in person.

    New Justice League meet and greet down by the lake front.

    One of the Land Portal signs gets some last minute paint details and landscaping.

    This is the Land Portal near the bottom entrance to Dolphin Harbor. Notice how friggin big the signs/statues are.

    The dolphin show was re-themed and revamped this year. Here are some random shots from "Merlin's Island Party"

    The dolphin limbo bit was cute.

    Merlin takes flight.

    SFDK's new Cold Stone takes over the old Dippin Dot's store by Hamerhead Shark.

    Future home to Nintendo's Wii hut.

    One of the two Sea Portal signs.

    The other side of the sign over by Monsoon Falls.

    Sea Portal entrance #2 over by Shark.

    Shark's new signage/sculpture getting paint.

    Yet another photo to show you the scale of all the new theming and sign work.

    The future home of the new Thomas Town area by Ski Stadium. Notice Round the World has gone missing for the 2007 season. Now worries though, the ride will be back with a better location and view in 2008. (BTW the Ski show has also gone dark for the 2007 season.)

    The new area is slated to open on Memorial Day weekend.

    Speaking of missing rides.... Jambo is now history.

    Shouka Stadium gets a retro re-theme to the Pacific Northwest days of MWAUSA.

    SFDK has a ton of new sponsors for the 2007 season.

    Scratchy time it would it seem.

    Tiger Island got brand new signage this off season as well.

    Massive Tava the Elephant theming being installed.

    Walrus experience also gets the new sign treatment.

    Back over to Medusa Plaza we go. The old fountain was finally replaced with a permanent stage.

    One of the biggest surprises of the off season was the re-routing of Kong's queue to Medusa Plaza. You now will enter the ride by waiting underneath it!

    New on-ride photo booth for Kong.

    I'll leave you with one last shot of Kong's new queue line from inside the fenced off area.

    It's like 3 AM and I have to get a bit of sleep and head back to SFDK for day 2 of our long weekend. Expect more photos from Saturday's opening event next.

    Cheers folks,
    Sean Menefee

    (For anyone wondering all photos were shot with my trusty Nikon D50.)
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    Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

    Awesome photo's. It's amazing what some paint and signage can do to actually make the park look nice. This actually makes me want to go to SFDK.


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      Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

      Wow. Some of that work & signage look really nice.


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        Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

        Very nice. It look like Warner Brothers' Animal Kingdom. Which is a good thing. Hopefully the park will continued to get more theming.
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          Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

          wow! that six flags looks nice!!!

          amazing what some paint and sponsors can do...

          where are all the homedepo signs


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            Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

            They still need to do some landscaping around Medusa. You can still see all the lines from the old part of the parking lot it's built in.
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              Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

              Looks neat. I like the name: "Discovery Kingdom".

              "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

              "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
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                Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                Thanks for all the great comments and feedback folks. Check out even more photos below:

                Medusa's infield is still a parking lot at this point. They did however cover the fence in bamboo screen material to clean up the main entrance. It's a start.

                Discovery Kingdom's Public Relations Manager, Nancy Chan, welcomes the media to the preview.

                Robin decides to turn the table on me.

                Brand new play area in Looney Toons Sea Port. It did end up opening on Saturday with a ton of families packing the place.

                More paint TLC has been given to almost every sign in the park.

                Batman getting his face time stolen by a bird.

                The original MWAUSA entrance fountain with a new school addition in the background.

                The elephant stilts are now bolted down and covered up with landscaping. This Land portal ended up looking really nice after everything came together Saturday morning.

                More from Merlin's Island Party preview demonstration.

                Dolphin Cannonball in full effect.

                You know this can't end up being a good thing.....

                That's gonna suck........

                Ben & Jerry's opened another location back by Tava's Jungleland.

                Yes the Butterfly attraction has still survived through all these years. Its entrance sign is also getting re-done for the first time in a decade if not more, over the next few weeks.

                A few Tava's Jungleland shots for good measure.

                The Reptile House looks very bright and clean this season.

                Shouka lounges around here re-themed habitat.

                A parting shot of Jambo backstage, getting ready to be shipped off to the flat ride afterlife.

                Al say's "The media tour is over, comeback tomorrow for opening day folks!"

                Thanks again to Nancy Chan, Al Garcia, and Kari Gleeson for invite and all the great photo time..

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                  Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                  Thanks for the pictures... I have been working on a news story regarding this, but I didn't attend the media event.

                  There is somethings to note that I notice you did not cover.

                  1. The old signage in many cases is still up, and it really looks tacky to have some of the new signs in front of the old signs...

                  2. The "Land, Sea, Air" thing is better than the color zones... But it is still very confusing and the park map is not very helpful in distiguishing which arias are which...

                  3. To say that it is the "Brand New Discovery Kingdom" is a bit much... Not that much has changed and what would be "brand new" has not been fully implemented yet.

                  4. Thomas the Tank Engine is not up and running yet, still under construction... and I have to ask myself does the park need to have yet another children's play/thematic zone? You already have the Looney Toon Sea Port, and Teva's Jungle?

                  5. I think the park could do with one, or maybe two less "stadiums" - you have one for the seals, one for the dolphins, one for shouka, one for water skiers, one for acrobats, one for the birds... (I am purposefully missing some in this list... you get my point...)


                  What I like is how close you are to the animals, and how animal interaction is enouraged.

                  more later
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                    Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                    great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I haven't been there in years, last time we went we swore to never go back it was so dirty and icky. Good to see it in better shape!

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                      Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                      Originally posted by dsnylndmom View Post
                      great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I haven't been there in years, last time we went we swore to never go back it was so dirty and icky. Good to see it in better shape!
                      The icky and dirtyness is still there, actually, but they are working on it...

                      What I don't understand is why they didn't take care of much of what needed to be done in the off season...

                      some of the themeing inside the park is actually quite excellent...
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                        Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                        I saw your photos over at TPR adn I've got to say they are great. I enjoyed my trip to Discovery Kingdom a few years ago and it looks like it has really improved since then. Lets see if Six Flags can keep it lookign nice.


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                          Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                          Saw this over at TPR too. The park really looks like it's getting cleaned up. I kind of want to make a trip over there since I haven't been in at least 5 or 6 years and want to see what Six Flags has been up to.

                          I really like the new color on V2. When I saw it from the freeway it really looked nice. I kind of wish they'd repaint Medusa, the green is pretty ugly when it takes over the Vallejo skyline.


                          • #14
                            Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                            Stupid Discovery Kingdom, thinks it's so great! As an original MWAUSA fan, I must say the park does look really nice. I just hate they got rid of Jambo, I actually liked that silly ride. Thanks for sharing, I was not able to make it to opening day, but I will get there real soon.


                            • #15
                              Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Media Preview Day 2007

                              Instead of making another thread I decided to bump my original DK post. I wanted to post another update from my home park for my fellow MC'ers to check out. If any of you guys ever get up to the northern end of the sate, my girlfriend and I would love to show you around the park. Till then check more photos from this past weekend:

                              Kelly and I got down to Discovery Kingdom yet again, to take advantage of the light crowds. The weather was poor, but I still managed to grab a new park update in between all of the rain.

                              SFDK April 21st, 2007:

                              Check out the photos below folks. Then click the link at the bottom, to see the full photo set in a larger format.

                              We start off over at Elephant Encounter. It was awesome to see how playful of a mood the Elephants were in this afternoon. It really made for some fun pictures, even though the weather was so crapy.

                              Discovery Kingdom updated their park navigation signs just recently. They look 100% better then last year, and should do a better job a pointing people in the right direction.

                              The Shark was just recently fixed and reinstalled after a rough opening weekend.

                              Over to Thomas Town construction........

                              The railroad tracks around the new Thomas Town area are now being installed. This shot is from inside the old Shoreline Express station.

                              New track and ties going in the direction of the old Ski Stadium/Thomas Town area.

                              Thomas Town is slowly but surely starting to take form now. You can see even more photos from this set by click this link below:

                              4/21/2007 Gallery:

                              Thanks for checking out my thread, enjoy the pictures.

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