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Come Now, To Busch Gardens Figment!


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  • Come Now, To Busch Gardens Figment!

    Alternate title: Say.... We Say Figment!

    Come with me, to a place where the musical tales of the jungle come alive, Come with me to KaTonga! *phone rings and picks up*

    Hello... You want me to come to Busch, but its spring break for little people.. all right.

    oh man, I have to park in Adventure Island overflow?

    Its closer than new years parking.

    Hey, A bus, Guess those trams are not street legal.

    And a bus to take me to the front of the park, Score!

    Man this is such a lovely entrance plaza. At least the turnstyles are not full.

    Look, the Morroccan Shieks!

    they are using both troops today, wow!

    *picks up phone* What you left? but you told me to come, Darn you!

    So this is what they turned Gwazi's area into for those Sunday Latina Festivals this month.

    lots of ethnic activities, and lots of lines for it even when its not sunday.

    Hey, what are you here and not disney?

    Look, it's Donald's second cousin who told me about the loop they are adding to the Laugh Floor.

    Woa, this cannot be real!

    Ok it isn't, I photo shopped the second train in... for practice.

    Wow, this is still the oldest area of the park,

    lots of history still around this place, used to be attached to the brewery

    Wow, an Eagle

    What does the sign say?

    wow, they have another Eagle over here.

    Oh man, I wish it was October sixteenth, then i could try their new beverage!

    Error, Not available until 10/16... Doh!

    Wow, when did Busch get a pirates move?

    and it's at an angle

    Hey, isnt that the Doctor person from MiceChat?

    So thats what he did on his last vacation!

    Yay, the never ending wait ends, its time for the movie!

    i didn't do anything like take off glasses and take a photo of the title, I swear

    I think I should catch the skyway and go 'Soarin'' above the park,

    It's like Soarin' only we actually move in buckets

    wow, Construction...

    You dont see anything, summer.

    Yay, they fixed Kilimanjaro Safari Rhino Rally.

    ok, so i forget where i am, sometimes... blame to sugar high from the code red

    oh man, its time to land

    is that Mike Eisner throwing a golf ball at us

    Everybosy, lets see Katonga.. oh wait im by myself. YAY!

    its falling apart, quick get the internet.. oh wait its Busch doh!

    This old theater had some nice detail,

    Too bad it is falling apart in some areas.

    Hmm, i didn't hear any announcement yet.

    taken before the warning of no photos absolute...

    What did that annoucement say earlier, oh yea. No PHOne calls

    I gone hard of hearing musteriously

    woa, Busch has their own version now?

    they beat WDW to doing their own build a bear thing?

    Dang, right down to pick an animal, dress it, stuff it...

    Then kill it!

    Wow, this new mango cirtus flavor is interesting. Time to catch a bus.

    Man, its Tuesday already... time to write up the trip report....
    Wow, I almost forgot a great photo and captain!

    and now The End Where Speak Photo:

    And now for the original images as well as others I didn't include:

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    Re: Come Now, To Busch Gardens Figment!

    Landshark Lager is only available @ the Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville locations right now... ive heard mixed reviews but will try it in April
    tick tock tick tock madness comes tonight
    what's reality compared to me
    I rest on the bed and I'm sure I slowly get mad
    I'm in a state of mind which makes me blind
    for the fact that I'm a man
    I'm here to stay forever but not today

    Timekiller - Project Pitchfork


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      Re: Come Now, To Busch Gardens Figment!

      This is the question I always have about this park. If you're not a fan of coasters is there enough to do in this park to keep you entertained for at least a good part of the day?


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        Re: Come Now, To Busch Gardens Figment!

        Originally posted by kcnole View Post
        This is the question I always have about this park. If you're not a fan of coasters is there enough to do in this park to keep you entertained for at least a good part of the day?
        hmm, theoretically their should. even if you hate coasters they have a crazy mouse and a scwartscoff(sp?) which only has one loop.


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