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3/25 Parque de Warner Madrid !


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  • 3/25 Parque de Warner Madrid !

    The second day we went to Parque de Warner the former Warner Bros Movie World Madrid .

    The Themeing here it's very impressive and the rides are great . Every Rides were opened except one wich was the Spanish '' Deja Vu '' called '' Stunt Fall '' .

    View from the Park's Train Station '' San Martin de La Vega "

    we walked along the parking lot wich was almost empty

    and we arrived to the park main entrance .

    Inide the park it was really pretty

    This was like their Main-Street

    then if after the Main-Street if you turn on the left there's a lake where their present their Stunt Show Leathal Weapon .

    yes this park has the ONLY '' Deja Vu '' in Europe and it's called '' Stunt Fall'' and as his American Brothers this ride was CLOSED .

    and they let us hoped all day long with some test run .

    then ok we head to Superman Atracion de Acero . Superman Entrance and the queue line are awesome .

    this was a floorless Coaster from Bolliger and Mabillard . Great Coaster

    We had no line for this ride all DAY long .

    After a few ride on this coaste we went to Batman La Fuga . This coaster was a clone from all batman Inverted in the US exactly same layout or Mirror Layout for some Six Flags .

    But the Queue Line of this version of Batman was INCREDIBLE . Totally Gotham City everywhere .

    here's the Ride Entrance

    and again no lines .

    and the Inverted Coaster Trains from B&M

    The props at the exit .

    Their SpaceShot fromthe American S&S . i definetely loved the Air Time on the Top .

    the Western Part of the Park with a Wooden Coaster and a Water Ride .

    The Kiddy Area with a Kiddy Coaster '' another credit '' for me .

    And Compare to some US or Belgian Theme Parks RULES you don't especially need to be with a kid to ride on the Kiddy Coaster .

    Fountain in the Center of the Kiddy Land .

    Around 7pm we left the park because e have done everything except '' Stunt Fall'' . I need to go back to Parque de Warner Madrid to ride the '' Stunt Fall'' .

    HKDL : Done !!!

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    Re: 3/25 Parque de Warner Madrid !

    That park was EMPTY! I couldn't believe it.


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      Re: 3/25 Parque de Warner Madrid !

      Holy cow! Yeah - where were the people?

      Anyhoo - looks like a fun place to go - thanks for sharing your photos!
      She did it!


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        Re: 3/25 Parque de Warner Madrid !

        Originally posted by Spidergrrrl View Post
        Holy cow! Yeah - where were the people?

        Anyhoo - looks like a fun place to go - thanks for sharing your photos!
        it was the first weekend of the season and i know that generally the parks are light in crowds the very first week end .
        HKDL : Done !!!


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