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Want to be in Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios Hollywood?


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  • Want to be in Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    Fear Factor Live opened last Saturday at USH, I have a lot of photos in my album, but let's look at a couple of them..

    First, the have a special "casting center", it is located near the exit of T2: 3D and the Coke Zone.

    First, they "cast" about 2 hours prior to the show...

    There is a list of requirements...

    A couple of big ones, you must be 18 or older (some kids (around 10) are selected while in line for the show for a "pre-show"), and weigh between 110 and 225 pounds, and be between 5'0" and 6'2" tall...

    What happens is they select 24 folks (pretty much first come, first serve), and then they weigh you, they have a special scale without numbers...

    What they are looking for is 12 persons in the "yellow" weight zone, and 12 for the "black" zone.

    Once all 24 folks are selected, they are brought into a room for the process that will narrow down the 24 to 6 (3 in each weight class).

    The first procedure is to watch a video to make sure you know what you are getting into, they also talk about one warning not yet on the signs.. FOOD ALLERGIES! If you have any, this is not something you should be doing!!!

    Then you have a few seconds to impress the staff, as each of the 24 has to stand in front of the group, and say your name, occupation and where you live (plus the number you are assigned).

    After that, they cut down from 12 to 6 in each weight class...

    Alas, that is where I got cut, but they do some video interviews, both to help cut from 6 to 3, but also for use in the show...

    They are looking for people that would "look good" in spandex....

    People that are perky, will be "fun" on the set, comfortable in front of large groups...

    Also, I noticed that they like to get a "pair", such as father/daughter, husband/wife, brother/sister, etc....

    I would recommend trying out, it takes about a 1/2 hour (and another hour if you are selected), worse case, you had some fun, and they give you a one time Priority Pass as a thank you.
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    awesome, I really can't wait! I love Universal so much, it's not a bad park at all. I just went for the first time two weeks ago, and I loved it. if I make it, I'll have to post pictures.
    ...I finally changed my avatar...


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