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My first trip to Six Flag Magic Mountain...HELP!


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  • My first trip to Six Flag Magic Mountain...HELP!

    So I'm finally caving into my friends and trying out the park. This is after finally braving Tower of Terror, California Screamin' and Rock 'n Roller Coaster. The only other coasters I've ever been on are Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn, and Mummy the Ride.

    Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

    I'm a little nervous, and I was wondering if anyone could rank the big 16 coasters at magic mountain for me in intensity, so I can work myself into them.

    I know the three that I'm most hesitant about at this point is goliath, Superman, and X. I'm pretty much certain I'm not going on any of those.

    Anyone care to give me some advice/pointers?

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    ok superman is totally easy.......dont worry about it...................its scarier watching it than actually riding it.

    X is very fun as long as you arent prone to motion sickness(even slightly)

    Goliath is getting a little rougher nowadays since its aged a bit, but it's mostly just intimidating to look at.

    If you've ridden Rock 'n Roller Coaster, you know what a corkscrew feels like, and they are present on alot of the rides there.
    (Viper, Scream, batman, riddler's)

    Tame rides are as follows: Ninja, Superman, Revolution

    It depends on you're height alot too on how well you'll enjoy some of the rides.
    For instance, if you over 6 foot Viper is pretty uncomfortable, and if you're over 6'4" you not not even premitted to ride Deja Vu.

    And the #1 piece of info I can give is that on Riddler's Revenge (a stand-up coaster) the seat are set up so that you adjust it to your height so that your feet will be firmly oin the ground. However, the ride ops will not be paying attention, so get it to the position that is comfortable and leave it like that. When I rode, I was happily bouceing up and down in my seat, when all of a sudden the seat was locked in place for the ride to begin. Now I was caught on my tiptoes standing straight up and I figgered i could live through it, I would just have sore toes. Nope, when you hit the bottom of the hills, I was painfully pushed into my seat where my (u kno) is. SO BEWARE! That was the most painful ride of my life and I have nightmares about it to this day!

    If you have any specific questions about the coasters at SFMM, I'm your man!


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      If you haven't ridden anything outside of Disneyland ... by all means Avoid X and Deja Vu.

      Goliath, IMO, is not rough at all.

      As for the multi looper rides, I would rank them like this for intensity:

      Scream (new generation of forceless coaster)
      Viper (Older, can be a little rough)
      Riddlers Revenge (Pretty forceful, and a different center of gravity than a normal coaster)
      Batman (Rather intense but short coaster. If you can handle the other 3, you should be good to go)

      As for the others:
      Superman (As was said, alot scarier to look at. When our daughter was 7 she was FREAKED ... got on the ride, got back to the station and promptly asked "Was that it?" If you can do Screamin's launch, you can do Supermans)
      Colossus (Old and rough woodie, but can be fun. Better in the back, not forceful at all)
      Psyclone (Newer but rougher woodie, only ride if you must)
      Goliath (Tall drop, smooth, intense helix but a good ride nonetheless. Should be fine on this)
      Gold Rusher (Think Big Thunder, but not as good)
      Revolution (It used to be awesome, still is good but the restraints and brakes have ruined this once great ride)
      Ninja (The only 42" non-kiddie coaster in the park, fun ride)

      I consider X and Deja Vu to be in a league of their own, and will only recommend them for those that can handle very intense rides.

      When are you going?

      Oh and 16? Well, considering one of their coasters has been closed for 2 years, I would have to say 15 at this point, although they still try and say 16.


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        Yea, I'm like 5 foot 11, so hopefully the height issue won't affect me.Actually I'm going tomorrow. Haha and I'm guessing that means I'll be standing in 1hr+ lines for everything. I think they want to run to whereever X is, and try to hit that first. They said if there's a mid-range ride next to X, they'd go on that first so I could work myself into coasters again.

        Is there anything near X?

        Yea, the only ones that really have me worried are Deja Vu, Flashback, Goliath, Scream (but when I look at the video, it doesn't seem that bad), Superman, and X.

        How much higher is the superman climb/drop compared to ToT?


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          The Superman tower is 400 ft, but as you will see tomorrow it only goes about 1/2 to 3/4 up the tower. And you really can't see anything but sky. ToT is WAY more intense than Superman.

          Saturday in June??? Good luck dude.

          Viper is next to X, but if you don't get on X right when the park opens then don't bother, especially on a Saturday.

          My suggestion, don't worry about X. Let them go on it and go and hit Revolution and then head up the hill to ride Superman before that line get's long.

          If you can't tell, I'm not a huge X fan, although I have to ride it on Sunday since we have some friends coming down for NorCal and I promised them I would ride it with them. Ugh ... My back hurt for 3 weeks after we rode it last in March.

          Have a fun day, just don't expect Disney quality anything. Any more questions, post them and I will keep checking back tonight.

          Oh, and Flashback is the ride that's been closed for 2 years, so no worries there.


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            Ignore him, RIDE X or DIE!

            Near X is Viper and Revolution(but save them for later in the day when it gets really crowded). But if you're looking for a good warm-up coaster, definitely ride Revolution....only one loop(first loop ever actually on any coaster ever)

            Duja Vu is SOOOOOOOO much fun! It's probly my fav of them all. Try and get the back seat, and try to hit it early in the day, as it is a VERY slow loader.

            Don't ride Flashback. Period. No questions asked. You'll regret it if you do.

            Scream is very fun, you'll like it.

            Superman is 415 feet tall, but you only go about 2/3 to 3/4 the way up and it's not like TOT at all. On TOT you are being pulled down so you actually are forcefully popped up out of your seat. Superman, you're being pulled down by only gravity, so it's the same effect only to a much lesser extent.

            And the scariest thing about X is the lift hill, , but otherwise you should be fine. Ride it, there's nothing like it anywhere.

            Have fun, and remember that it's SIX FLAGS and not Disney. It'll open your eyes to what theme parks can deteriorate to if left to teenagers and careless workers.

            Another tip....if the weather is unbearably hot, which it probably will be, there is a huge fan in the batman que, so save that ride until you are very hot.

            I also recommend the Log Cabin restaurant near the kiddie area for a sit-down meal. It probably has the best atmoshere of the entire park.

            Oh, and you must report back on the quality of the new batman show. (I want somethin back for all this typin..... jkjk)


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              I'd definitely like to hear what someone who hasn't ever been there before thinks of the park (rides, employees, cleanliness etc). Being that I'm so anti Magic Mountain now and all since my last trip was so BAD!

              So please give us your views when you return!


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                Haha, yea it was sorta a coincidence that we ended up going the day batman begins. We've been talking about going ever since January when I came back from Florida where I conquered my first real coaster (rock n roller).

                We almost went a few weeks ago, and the entire time I've been saying "as long as we get to see the batman stunt show", but little did I know it didn't open until tomorrow.

                So imagine my surprise when we finally did pick a day, and it's the shows grand opening. Haha yea I'm definetly going to see that, and I'll be giving a full trip report.

                I'm also an APer for Universal (but honestly who isn't, haha) and I know full well the value of the 'disney' atmosphere'. I hope it's not as bad as all the stories I hear.

                Three of my friends are all into coasters, and so they were supposed to get me and this other friend of ours into them this trip. Somehow tho, in the 5 hours after she last called me, she amazingly got a fever, and now is bailing on us. Leaving me all alone with the crew who will ride everything. Sucks, but charging my ipod incase I decide to bow out of any ride.


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                  Disneyguy, I agree about DejaVu. Awesome ride, but I love the front seat better.

                  Don't listen to him about X ... don't feel bad about wimping out on it.

                  Also, if you don't want to eat in the park, there is a Wendy's, Del Taco, Jimmy Deans (AWESOME BURGERS) and Jack in the Box right outside the park. There is also a mall about a mile from the park on Magic Mtn. Parkway.

                  You can leave the parking lot and get back in to the lot free with your parking stub.

                  What time are you getting there? You need to be at the park NO LATER than 9:30 to get on X first thing.

                  Oh yeah, if you decide to ride Deja Vu, there is a single rider line for it. The line is usually a couple of hours, but you can get through the single rider line in about 20 minutes most days.


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                    Yeah, we're leaving from my friend's place in del mar at 6.30am. Have to pick up a friend in westwood on the way there. So we're hoping to get there by 9.30am


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                      Bring your bullet proof vest and leave the girl in the picture at home so she doesn't get hurt by all the gang members.

                      If you make it out unharmed, consider yourself lucky, and never do it again.
                      "And yes, we implore EVERYBODY to follow the park rules. Having off-ride footage is great, but any still photo's or video's taken ON the coasters at SFMM are strictly against the rules. They are there for your (and everybody's) safety." "Six Flags doesn't allow ANY loose articles on their coasters, and they don't allow video taping on their coasters. " BUT, "​ This is not true. Six Flags does not allow ANY On-Ride video or pictures on the rides. The ONLY way is if you get explicit permission from Park Management." ???


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                        Originally posted by TacAlert
                        Bring your bullet proof vest and leave the girl in the picture at home so she doesn't get hurt by all the gang members.

                        If you make it out unharmed, consider yourself lucky, and never do it again.
                        Are the gangs really that bad at Magic Mountain?
                        Goodbye, Me Bizarro is not Monkey Joe. Me Bizarro hates Disney parks so much. Hello


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                          Originally posted by Monkey joe
                          Are the gangs really that bad at Magic Mountain?
                          certain days, yes. yes they are. :botox:
                          ~Ah, the wonderful sight of the fabled Apocalypse. Now appearing in Disney's Toontown!~


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                            Originally posted by TacAlert
                            Bring your bullet proof vest and leave the girl in the picture at home so she doesn't get hurt by all the gang members.

                            If you make it out unharmed, consider yourself lucky, and never do it again.
                            It is NOT that bad, I have been to the park many times, and never had any type of problem.... The worst I had to deal with was a bunch of middle school kids running around the park...
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                              so how was it?


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