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Legoland California Suggestion Thread


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  • Legoland California Suggestion Thread

    I started a thread awhile back asking you, the guest, to make suggestions or give ideas on how to improve and better serve you, while visiting Legoland California.

    I am re-starting that discussion. Progress has been made on some fronts, but more suggestions are always needed.

    Again, I will mention that I have no weight or authority in implementing any changes or suggestions that are suggested. Management does read these boards though, and you can rest assured that any ideas will be taken into consideration.

    There are many great new "experiences" in development for the park, although I am not at liberty to discuss them. Just be comforted in knowing that many will be happy with all the great things that will be happening around the park in the coming future.

    So lets start the suggestions and ideas.... What would you like to see at the park? What policy do you not agree with? Good experiences? Bad experiences? They are all welcome.

    Just FYI, although the theme park junkee inside me would like to talk about all the great developments coming to the park in the future, I don't want to lose my job. So any questions pertaining to anything in development should be forwarded to the Legoland Public Relations Department.

    Let the games begin......

    "Just remember it all started with a mouse!"

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    Re: Legoland California Suggestion Thread

    We have been very happy campers with LegoLand since our first visit back within a month of their grand opening.

    We are also lifetime AP'ers (2 of us).

    The two things off of the top of my head are:

    The Park should stay open later than 5 pm. That is just too darn early to close. Even if it was 6 pm, that would help. I'd prefer 7pm.

    We (guests) need more benches! Not nearly enough places to sit, even on a slow day.

    Keep up the good work!


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      Re: Legoland California Suggestion Thread

      I remember the thread last year, and I have the same concerns.

      I have a two year old, and there are very few (I think we counted in the park map TWO) attractions that younger kids can enjoy. And yet, the park doesn't have a lot of attractions that appeal to older kids, say older teens and adults.

      So as a result, the park seems to cater to a very narrow demographic. I know I won't be taking my family back until my son gets older, like 5 and up. I agree that the park should stay open later than 5pm, and it seemed to me that the pricing was too high (compared to Disneyland) for what you get.

      However, all theme parks could learn from the well manicured lands and lots of shady paths. The park looks great.


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        Re: Legoland California Suggestion Thread

        Thanks so far for some of these great suggestions. Please keep them coming...

        I know that the seating issue, has always been an issue, since I can remember.

        At least in the Pirate Shores area, this issue has been improved upon greatly. The Soak and Sail and Swabbie's Deck areas now include new seat walls, which add ALOT of new seating in that area.

        One thing that I can suggest, as well as posting them here, you can also send a good old letter to Guest Services at the park. I know from experience that many ideas sent in by guests HAVE been instituted inside the park. All it takes is YOU the customer, letting the park managment what you want.

        You can send letters to:

        Legoland California
        Guest Services
        1 Legoland Drive
        Carlsbad, CA 92008

        Keep the ideas coming....

        "Just remember it all started with a mouse!"


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          Re: Legoland California Suggestion Thread

          I really have no complaints about the park. I understand it's meant more for younger children rather than myself. I had a blast when I went (thanks to tickets from PirateMickey).


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