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Advise plezzzee...


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  • Advise plezzzee...

    ok , here is the deal. I'm planning on visting Fl and doing all of the wonderful Disney things BUT I also want to check out Universal and Islands of Adventure. I have done all of my home work and have sent away for many maps and things and now its time to ask the experts- what I would really like to know which park is better and are they both worth my time. I will be traveling with a 5 year old and will be staying for 8 days so I have plenty of time to venture out. What are your opions of the parks. I have been to Universal Hollywood and was not impressed at all but since this is Florida and everything is supposed to be grander and all. PLease if any of you could guide me in making a decision,any information will be forever thankful, also are the parks next to each other like Disneyland and CA???

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    Re: Advise plezzzee...

    Are you comparing Universal Studios to Island of Adventure? Then I would definately go to Islands of Adventure.
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      Re: Advise plezzzee...

      I'm just looking for any "inside" information that will help in deciding if its worth going to both parks??? Any information will help at all about the area and such. I have not been to FL for 13 years and really need a refresher course. Thank you in advanced........


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        Re: Advise plezzzee...

        I'm taking my first trip to Islands of Adventure later this year, and everything I have heard from friends is that it is a great park. It's more of a "thrill" park, so I'm not to sure your kids will enjoy it as much. Right now Universal is running a deal that if you buy your tickets online, in advance for $86 they will be good for 7 days at both parks. So... you can sample rides at both parks and if you like it can come back another day(s) at no extra cost.

        Ticket info is at

        Without knowing for sure, but looking at the map it appears the parks are set up like Disneyland in CA, within walking distance. shows a decent map including Citywalk(Downtown Disney knock off).
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          Re: Advise plezzzee...

          Both parks are great.

          Islands of Adventure is more of a "Thrill" park than the Studios.



          Mummy - Indoor coaster with special effects, not too intense.
          MIB - Indoor shooting ride feating Men in Black aliens, very fun ride.
          ET - Indoor Dark ride featuring ET, great for kids.
          Jimmy Neutron - Indoor similator ride (comparable to Star Tours) feating NickToons characters. FUN ride.
          Shrek 4D - 3D movie with Shrek. Fun.
          There are also quite a few shows at the Stuidos park.

          Islands of Adventure:

          Mummy - Intense coaser with inversions feating Hulk.
          Spiderman - Awesome 3D dark ride with special effects that will amaze you.
          Blutos Barges - Raft ride featuring characters from Popeye
          Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls - Log ride featuring Dudley Do Right. You will get SOAKED
          Jurassic Park - Boat ride inside and out featuring dinosaurs.
          Dueling Dragons - Twin inverted coasters with a dragon theme. VERY intense.
          Cat in the Hat - Dark ride featuring Cat in the Hat
          Suess Landing - Dr Suess Land, very enjoyable.

          My suggestion, see both parks. Not sure what day you are planning on going, but they are both worth it. I would start with IOA, ride Spidey and Hulk. Work your way arount Seuss Landing, Dueling Dragons, Jurassic Park, Dudley Do Rights, etc. Have lunch at Mythos.

          Head to the Studios about 1:00 or 2:00. Do Jimmy Neutron, Mummy, MIB, Shrek and ET. This will give you the best of both parks and you should be able to do all of that in a day if it's not too busy.

          If it's going to be busy, consider getting Universal Express. (That's their version of Fastpass, but it aint free)


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            Re: Advise plezzzee...

            We didn't go to Universal because my kids weren't tall enough to ride most of the big rides.

            We went to Sea World and the kids loved it. My boys are 6 and 8.
            Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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