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The OC Fair: a skyway ride, the finest foods and a Martina McBride concert


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  • The OC Fair: a skyway ride, the finest foods and a Martina McBride concert


    Well, the OC Fair is now over and my only regret is that I made it there just once and that was only for a couple of hours--not including the Martina McBride/Little Big Town concert. Here are a few pictures from Saturday, July 28.

    The main reason for driving 60 miles to Costa Mesa was to see the aforementioned Martina McBride concert in the Pacific Amphitheatre. Since our tickets were so expensive (7th row orchestra!), we had free admission to the fair. Unfortunately, we only got there a couple hours before the concert, so we didn't do much but wander around to take in the sights. And eat. And drink.

    Cowabunga! That's the theme of this year's OC Fair. Elvis-cows optional.

    Now, that's going pretty darn low to limbo. Very impressive!

    There's no more skyway in Disneyland, but you can ride one at the Fair. Needless to say, we would be going up on that thing.

    They even had a ride like Soarin'! This one is Soarin' Over Costa Mesa.

    A colorful funhouse.

    Hercules the Giant Horse was quite popular. There was a non-stop stream of people willing to pay to see Hercules.

    The Giant Steer? Not as popular.

    Skyway. Oh yes. We are SO riding that thing.

    A green Aladdin? Well, I guess it would be pretty easy for a genie to change colors.

    Whatever this carnival game was. It sure wasn't popular. The stools made for a nice photo op though.

    While heading for one of the skyway stations, we noticed an unusual passenger on an incoming chair.

    Taking off from the Skyway West Station...

    Wheeeee! I have a confession to make. I actually felt a little nervous up on the bench and I normally don't have a fear of heights. Hmmm.

    My only consolation was that if I fell, there was a pretty good chance that someone below would break my fall. It was fairly crowded.

    Fairly crowded. Get it?

    Sorry, that was bad.

    That's a lot of turkey legs!

    Picnic tables for eating turkey legs. Or hot dogs. Or churros. Or pizza slices. Or...well you get the picture.

    And what's a county fair without a sampling of the various food vendors?

    I didn't know Krispy Kreme made chicken sandwiches. Is it a fried chicken breast between two donuts?

    I'll take one please...

    ...with a generous portion of peppers and onions. Yum.

    My friend Kristine thought I was taking a picture of tanned OC girls., really, I was taking a picture of the funnel cake stand.

    BBQ chickens. I'm not sure what the fan is for though.

    We wished we had more time for the fair, but we weren't going to miss the concert!

    Little Big Town -- minus one. Band member Kimberly Roads gave birth to a baby girl just two nights before this concert. Understandably, she wasn't with the group for this show.

    This was my first time seeing Martina McBride in concert. Wow. Two very big thumbs up. She has a great stage show!

    The amphitheatre sign as we exit the venue. It was a terrific concert and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for a few hours during the fair. You can click on any of the photos to be taken to my Flickr set with more pictures, especially of the concerts. Next year, we'll plan on going earlier in the day to truly take advantage of all that the fair has to offer. Including fried oreos, assorted BBQ, and cool refreshments.

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    Re: The OC Fair: a skyway ride, the finest foods and a Martina McBride concert

    The monkey in the skyway chair cracked me up!


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