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Knotts Berry Farm Resort


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  • Knotts Berry Farm Resort

    Anybody ever stayed at the hotel???
    Is it a proper honeymoon-type place ???
    I have no idea and am trying to figure out if I can afford a honeymoon in DLR
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    wishesjake and SleepingBeauty867

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    Re: Knotts Berry Farm Resort

    I stayed in Nov 2005. Very nice hotel.
    I would say it is equivelant to a Holiday inn, nothing over the top.
    We were there for 10 days and had a great time.
    Staff was nice beds were comfy, and the location was great for us. They have a private shuttle to Disneyland that is so much better than ART.
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      Re: Knotts Berry Farm Resort

      I have stayed at the Knott's Resort Hotel multiple times.

      And it is as much of a Resort as Disneyland is.

      Now, if you are comparing it to WDW, then NEITHER are a resort.

      But Knott's has multiple parks, and areas outside the parks along with a hotel.

      Which does match up with an resort area.

      Knott's hosts MANY weddings, heck, in fact it is more than likely where I will get married (don't tell Lisa

      We are looking at getting married at the Church of the Reflections, which is located near Knott's Soak City and Independence Hall (a true recreation of the Philly building).

      Then hosting a large event at one of the Picnic areas (yes, too cheap to pay for dinner for everyone invited).

      And then, for selected folks (those who decide to pay for park admission) rides on Silver Bullet, Xcelerator and other major rides in wedding clothing

      Then a dinner at the Knott's Resort Hotel for a limited group (OK, being frugal).

      And we will spend out honeymoon at the Knott's Resort Hotel, and more than likely a couple of extra days before we head somewhere else (maybe Hawaii or WDW).

      But we also plan to have a pre-wedding shower at the Cove Bar (wearing the silly Wedding ears) unless the Beer Garden is open, and some photos at Disneyland the day or two after.
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        Re: Knotts Berry Farm Resort

        we stayed at the KBF Resort hotel last october for a few nights, its was a pleasant experience...clean rooms, good service

        we're staying there for 9 nights this year
        Will there be screams when the sun sets,
        -=Is It October Yet?=-

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          Re: Knotts Berry Farm Resort

          I did not mean to imply that is is not a nice environment in the hotel.
          Like I said we loved it and were there for 10 days and will likely stay at the property again, as I loved the location.

          Darkbeer, I hope the ceremony is fabulous, I love the look of that church!
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            Re: Knotts Berry Farm Resort

            We have stayed there a bunch of times and have always enjoyed it. Like Darkbeer said we have seen many weddings taking place out by their pool/garden area. The staff that work there seem to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. According to Priceline it is 3* hotel.

            P.S. Darkbeer your wedding plans sound great.


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              Re: Knotts Berry Farm Resort

              DArkBeer, Congratulations on you and Lisa. I have had the best times with you both and wish you a life of total love and happiness. You both are so sweet ! and so awsome together. I thank you for spending time with my self and my daughter Rachal. Again Congrats on your lives together!


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