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Family Fun Spot (Aston PA) permanently closed


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  • Family Fun Spot (Aston PA) permanently closed

    Not sure how many people even know of it, but there is a place in Aston, PA called Family Fun Spot which had two waterslides, a little pool/fountain, go karts, mini golf and some skating rinks.

    Family Fun Spot is unfortunately closed, permanently...the area will be demolished and redone as a Halloween Adventure warehouse.

    Even if you don't know about it - doesn't that TOTALLY suck? A halloween warehouse replacing the only water rides in the area?

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    Re: Family Fun Spot (Aston PA) permanently closed

    I was IN Aston in February and didnt see this place. I was visiting a friend that has lived there his whole life and we toured the whole area and never once did that place come up. Where is/was it?

    And yes, it is sad when small places like this close up shop I'll never forget the Northridge Waterslides near my home growing up. It was such a fun place to go. Now its a shopping center


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      Re: Family Fun Spot (Aston PA) permanently closed

      I am very very bad at directions. I have no clue how to tell someone to get to it. Sorry. It's not really that noticeable. You could drive past it, and miss it, easily.


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        Re: Family Fun Spot (Aston PA) permanently closed

        They did this recently to a Family Fun Park in East Anaheim near Yorba Linda. Thankfully, Camelot mini golf and games is still there! It's my favorite mini golf course, and is surrounded by a big old castle! They also have a waterslide, though I never see it being used.

        But about 15 years ago, they built a Family Fun Center with some carnival type rides and a little roller coaster... and I was over there recently and it was already completely gone!! What a waste of money THAT was. Ouch.
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