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SFDK Fright Fest 2007 Photo Update & More


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  • SFDK Fright Fest 2007 Photo Update & More

    My girlfriend Kelly and I had the chance to head back down to Discovery Kingdom on Saturday for Fright Fest 2007. Check out the photos below to see how our day went, then check the link at the bottom of the update for the full size image gallery. (100 Images!)

    Welcome to Fright Fest 2007 folks. We start the update over at the Wheel of Fright.

    Hmm.... Eat a Rocky Mountain Oyster, or pay 10 bucks for a haunted house ticket?

    New for 2007 is the Coffin of Fear set up near the dolphin fountain entrance plaza.

    Tinsletown Terror has taken over the Bumper Buggies ride.

    This photo was shot back near the entrance of Tava's Jungleland. It really shows the scale of how large some of newer Discovery Kingdom theming really is.

    Holiday in the Park is slowly starting to show up all over Discovery Kingdom.

    Discovery Kingdom's resident monster Medusa in action.

    More Holiday in the Park lights have been installed down by the Lake Chabot.

    Looney Toons Sea Port also is starting to get the Holiday in the Park treatment.

    I wanted to snag a few more shots of Thomas Town since it wasn't SUPER packed this weekend.

    The train ride always has huge lines, so this was my first chance to snag a few shots of the backside of Thomas Town.

    It's Fright Fest time, and with that comes the awesome Spooky Sea Lion Show

    We decided to catch the normal Sea Lion show first, then come back later in the evening for the Spooky version.

    The path that leads to Ocean Discovery from the main plaza, is the designated Zombie Zone this year.

    This area is actually pretty cool at night. The park has gone with colored lights, fog machines and creepy Halloween tunes to create a pretty cool atmosphere.

    We headed backstage for a few photos of the prep work that goes into the zombies & monsters behind Fright Fest.

    The Geico lizard was on hand to kick off the Twilight Funeral Procession parade.

    The hearst makes it's way to it's final resting place across from Wave Swinger.

    Tinsletown Terror's ringleader Pinhead leads the "Movie Star Monsters" in the Twilight Procession.

    Hands down my favorite monster/zombie/pimp of Fright Fest this year. ::lol::

    Thriller also helped kick off the evening's festivities.

    The aftermath at the Coffin of Fear.

    It's time to finish the update with a few photos from the Super Spooky Sea Lion Show.

    Lostin Powers and crew in action.

    For the complete Fright Fest 2007 gallery, click the link below:

    Thanks for checking out my latest visit to Discovery Kingdom folks, enjoy the photos.

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