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  • Chambers of the Mausoleum

    Wondered if anyone had seen the Chambers of the Mausoleum at Castle Park in Riverside this year? It was pretty good last year and they seem to expand it each year. I once heard that the designer works for Garner Holt Productions in San Bernardino - Garner being a great designer himself and does neat animations. Also wondered if there were any discount coupons out there for this attraction?
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    Re: Chambers of the Mausoleum

    we were able to go to the Chambers last Monday on Haunters night and i have to say i'm SO glad we did. this is perhaps one of the most beautiful local haunts i've ever been too, and this thread reminds me i need to add their info to my SoCal haunts thread

    as for coupons, i have no idea...but its definantly worth full price (imho of course). a couple of their "special effects" were amazing
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      Re: Chambers of the Mausoleum

      I went through last saturday and I must say the maze was impressive. This was my first year so I'm not sure what was the same/different from last year but the dude that took our tickets did say that it's built by a real deal attraction building company that works on high profile projects for companies like Disney (remember when Disney used to do all that stuff in-house? Those were the days).
      It is a very different style of maze attraction than is found at Knott's, Universal or most other Halloween attractions. It is more like an old-school "tour" style haunted house, with a guide leading you from room to room, lots of dead ends and scares/gags set up in every room.
      The actors were impressive, the sets were great (all original stuff - no store-bought props and such), the top-notch effects came at you around every corner and the sound design, while not spectacular, was efective.
      The costumes used throughout the maze were easily the best I have seen in any haunted attraction period! The originality and level of detail was astounding and every monster was themed perfectly to their area and role in the maze.
      There are only two real complaints I had with the house - the first being the fact that although there is clearly an interesting story to the mausoleum tour, it really isn't well fleshed-out and seems to be kind of abandoned half-way through. The other problem is the hour + wait time for the maze! The nature of the tour does not allow for large groups or continual flow, so be prepared to stand in line for a really long time as small groups are ushered through one at a time. The final effect when your group finally enters is great and very personal, but it simply does not make up for a 90 minute wait.


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        Re: Chambers of the Mausoleum

        It's great to hear the favorable comments by those that have seen the Chambers this year. I know in the past the Fire Department has limited how many tours can be inside the attraction at a time. It could be that this is why the groups are spaced out and the wait time is so long. As word gets around, it is also probably having increased attendance each year. If the foregoing is true, it would be nice if they could plan some other entertainment for those that already have their tickets. Perhaps even live music or magical entertainment, etc. concealed from non-ticket holders but a nice diversion for those in the slow moving line. With the wonderful mood setting facade of the Chambers, it would be great if the diversion were in keeping with that mood. Another thought would be to control the line like a Disney FASTPASS where ticket holders were given a time to return to the area. In this way they could get something to eat and visit the rest of this little gem of a park.
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