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One Day: Lego VS DL VS Uni VS Sea World


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  • One Day: Lego VS DL VS Uni VS Sea World

    I'm going to San Diego next year with someone who is a complete stranger to the southwest and amusement/theme parks in general, and since I've only been to DL on this list I have no idea, but what park would be ideal for a one-day visit for someone who hasn't been to any of them? I don't mind making the haul up Amtrak one morning to Anaheim or LA to do DL or Uni respectively, and SD has a couple nice parks in it's own backyard.

    This would be in the middle of summer, by the by. I guess what I'm looking for is a combination of a nice park but also one where you can hit up the majority of the important rides in just a day. Does Sea World even have rides? If it doesn't, is it worth doing if you're also going to go to the SD Zoo in the same trip?

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    Re: One Day: Lego VS DL VS Uni VS Sea World

    If its rides you are looking to do, and are wishing to impress someone who never goes to theme parks, DL.

    Legoland has them, but I wouldn't call it an adult park per se. It's cool and all, but not high on the "fancy" ride quotient and it's very much geared to kids.

    Sea World has a few rides, but it's still mostly an animal park IMHO.

    Universal too has a few rides and the tram, but it's mostly shows. Hell I live 20 miles from it and never go.

    So for the most bang for the buck, make it the Disney Parks. Even for one day, they are still worth it. And since it's summer, make it a mid week day.


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      Re: One Day: Lego VS DL VS Uni VS Sea World

      What else would you pick? My guest has pretty much no inner child, and so I don't think DL would go over well. I've mentioned "if you ever go to WDW" and he always follows it up with "and I never will," so I'm not sure dragging him off to DL would be worth it. I've taken this person before to shows and places that I enjoy, and seen him roll his eyes and check his watch, I'm not sure I could bear to see him do that at DL. Heh

      DL's an option, but I'd be really hesitant and negotiate it in advance. It wouldn't be a "SUPRISE!" sort of thing, so that's like, my second option, at least.

      Rides VS animals, etc, I don't really have a preference. My biggest question regarding Sea World is if it's not worth doing if you've done the zoo, which we will do. Animal exhibits is one of the things he actually likes. As for Uni, I simply don't know what's there, having never been.


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        Re: One Day: Lego VS DL VS Uni VS Sea World

        Well if he does this to theme parks , then Sea World would be a happy medium. It's different than the zoo, it has some rides and shows, and it's IN San Diego so you won't have to travel far.


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          Re: One Day: Lego VS DL VS Uni VS Sea World

          Well, if he likes animal exhibits, then Sea World sounds like the surest bet on the list. Sea World is just different enough from the zoo with the aquatic exhibits and animal shows. There's even some rides.
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            Re: One Day: Lego VS DL VS Uni VS Sea World

            3 Questions:

            Is he against the idea of WDW because he considers it kid stuff?

            Is it because he doesn't want to spend the day in long lines?

            Is he a movie fan?

            If it's yes on the above, I'd go for Universal. Although I hate it on principle, you can pay extra to avoid the waits. And though I've liked most 3D movies, as my wife once pointed out, T23D is made for adults. And, really, USH isn't a theme park as much as a place where movies have been made for decades and now includes some impressive E ticket scale attractions and quality shows. Like Olympicnut, I may not visit often even if I was close. It doesn't have the repeatablity feel for me Like DL, WDW or even the Florida Universal parks. But for a one day visit, especially for a film buff, it's well worth your time IMO.

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