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Magic Mountain Thrill Pass vs. Multiple Flash Passes


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  • Magic Mountain Thrill Pass vs. Multiple Flash Passes

    My daughter and I will be visiting Magic Mountain on Friday December 28th. We already have season passes (thanks to our local Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) and I'm trying to decide whether to buy the $80 Flash Passes for each of us, or a number of $20 Flash Passes. Our primary goal at SFMM is to ride as many thrill rides as possible.

    With 12 rides Flash Pass-able, 4 Flash Passes (each) doesn't seem to be worthwhile. But 16 Flash Passes each (comparable cost) seems a bit of an overkill considering several accessible rides will likely be closed, and reports here indicate park traffic to be negligible.

    So, it really comes down to the "bonuses" that accompany the Thrill Pass - 25% discount on all merchandise, free gate pic, and buffet at Mooseburger Lounge. This leaves me with the following questions that I hope a local or employee (wrs28220?) can answer for us...

    1) How much is the Mooseburger Buffet?

    2) Does the Thrill Pass come with a coupon for a single free buffet or could we eat there for both lunch and dinner for free?

    3) Does the Thrill Pass discount on "all merchandise" cover food (other than the free buffet)?

    4) How much are gate pics at SFMM?

    5) Does the 25% discount on "all merchandise" include ride photos? (We collect these pics and there seems to be 7 different ones available)

    6) Although not directly related to the thread, what's the cheapest motel within 10 minutes or so of the park?

    Thanx in advance for your input.


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    Re: Magic Mountain Thrill Pass vs. Multiple Flash Passes

    The Buffet at Mooseburger is about $14 not including tax or tip.

    All the other stuff i don't know.
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