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  • Hawaii

    As cliche as it sounds, one of my favorite vacation spots to go to are the Hawaiian islands.

    I've been to Oahu, Maui, Hawaii and Lanai. The only ones left are Molokai and Kauai. I'll get to them someday

    So here's my take on the islands I've been to.

    Oahu. This is the main island most people go to for their first visit. Out of all the islands (and I know I'm gonna ruffle some feathers) it is my least favorite. It's just too crowded for me personally. Waikiki isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It kinda reminds me of the Vegas Strip with all the hotels lined up one after another (minus the gambling of course). I dunno, it just didn't do much for me.

    The Arizona Memorial is touching, and being there, I could just imagine the Japanese dive bombers flying overhead dropping their loads, explosions everywhere. I do like the Dole Plantation, if not for anything else but to have what is basically Dole Whip. I mean hello, Dole Whip IN Hawaii!!

    Maui. I do enjoy Maui. It's really changed though since the first time I was there in 1989. Many more people have discovered this island since then.

    A trip up Haleakala is a must, but the best time to go is early in the morning, as the trade winds usually bring clouds in the afternoon, obscuring the views of the crater. And bring a jacket if you have one, it gets REALLY chilly up there! The sugar Cane Train in Lahaina is a fun thing to do. Scuba diving on the west side of the island is awesome as well!

    The trip to Hana though, not really worth it. It takes so long to get there on a really curvy road that by the time you arrive and maybe have lunch, you have to turn around and head back. There's just not much to do. I suggest taking the road maybe for 20 minutes and pull into this preserve area (can't recall it's name but you can't miss it, you drive right through it) and walk around. It's all rainforesty and stuff.

    Hawaii. My absolute favorite island (so far). There's just so much to do here.

    A trip to Volcano Nat'l Park is a must. It's a good day trip, but it's worth it. And while on the way you can head over to the southernmost point in the United States! Plus there's the Volcano Winery nearby. I didn't care too much for the wine, but wineries in and of themselves are cool to visit.

    Check out Hawi at the northern part of the island. It's where King Kamehameha was born! Cute little village to walk around and have a meal at.

    Might I suggest a sunset dinner cruise out of Kona. I had such a great time when I did this. All you can drink mai tais, dinner, and a show.

    Lanai. This has to be one of the most relaxing places to go. There's only 3 hotels on the island, 2 big resorts and one small hotel in the middle of Lanai City. I stayed at the latter and it's a quaint little hotel full of old Hawaii charm with a world renowned restaurant. There's a shuttle that takes you from one resort (on the southern part of the island on the beach) to the other (in the middle of the island NOT on the beach).

    Rent a Jeep and drive around the mostly dirt roads! It's a blast. See Shipwreck Beach. Drive through Garden of the Gods. Take the Munro Train up the mountain. See the petroglyphs. It's really a fun island!

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    Re: Hawaii

    Thanks for the review. Been to Oahu and Maui a few times and I didn't realize there was that much going on Lani. Our next trip is the Big Island so real happy to read your post.
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      Re: Hawaii

      I've been to Maui and LOVED IT. Did the road to Hana really early and had breakfast at the Hotel Hana. Black sand beaches were awesome.

      I was not at all impressed with the touristy city of Lahaina. Blech. I recommend staying in either Kiheh (sp?) or Wailea Makena.

      Maui is amazing.
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        Re: Hawaii

        You bet! It's always warm and dry in Kihei and our personal choice too. Kamaole Sands Condos are great. Just across the road from the public beach parks.
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          Re: Hawaii

          We just spent some time in Oahu and Hawaii in May. I hadn't been to Honululu since I was a kid, and I was a bit skeptical at first, but then had such a great time that I hated to leave. The spirit of the locals was so warm and wonderful. We also really enjoyed the historical sights we saw like Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace. There seems to be a little of everything there if you travel the island.

          Hawaii was like being on another planet! We stayed in Waikoloa, near Kona, which is one of two main towns on the island. In that area, there are miles and miles of dried lava, which makes it a little depressing and it looks almost like you're on the moon. I agree with the OP, we took a trip up to Kohala, which is up at the northern tip of the island and is beautiful. The little city hall there is interesting and has information of the Kamehameha statue out front. There are little shops there to visit as well. Kona is a nice little town where you can get Wendy's or Taco Bell instead of spending the fortune that food costs at the resorts. Most of Hawaii is either lava beds, or cattle ranches. Some areas have the lush tropical jungles that people picture when they think of Hawaii. There is also, believe it or not, a mountain where it snows at the top.

          We visited Kauaii 10 years ago and it was really beautiful. Waimea Canyon is there. It's considered the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It's huge and lush and you'll see waterfalls there. We even saw a few goats jumping around. Kauaii was very small town and untouched. I haven't been to Molokai, but I'm sure it's even more so. Poipu Beach and fern grove are definitely must see.

          On Maui, I would recommend taking the road to Hana at least once in your life. It's an all day thing, but worth it to see some of the black sand and white sand beaches, as well as waterfalls and "rembrandt trees" you see on the way. Also, if you stay in Lahaina or Kaanapali, check out the Trilogy cruises over to Lanai. That is a fantastic trip! It's a family owned business and they sail you over to the island, where they provide you with snorkel equipment on a private beach. When you're finished with that, they feed you a delicious lunch, then tour you around Lanai. On the way back to Maui they put the sails up and sail you back to shore. The group is usually about 25 people. During the trip we saw a mama and baby whale, and had spinner dolphins swim up to play around us. I'll never forget that trip! Here's a link -

          In any case, Hawaii is amazing. You feel like you're in a tropical paradise, yet you're still in America, so it does feel safe and familiar. Can't wait for the Disney Vacation Club to go in!


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            Re: Hawaii

            Yet again, my dear Onut, I find myself posting a connection on one of your threads. I'm thinking we're more alike then different!

            Sadly, I've only been to Hawai'i once. My parents earned a free flight and hotel with their business (long since defunct) and decided to go Hawai'i. I could tag along, they said, and share a hotel room, but I would have to pay my own airfare! Since I was working at the time, I treated myself--at age 17.

            Loved it, they did the island hopping bit, but I couldn't afford it. So I was stuck in Waikiki. Yeah, it's like a cheap Vegas, but at 17, it was a haven. I would wake up, walk to the lobby and get my straw mat at the front desk, and mosey over to the beachhead and go back to sleep in the sun. Around lunch, I'd walk over to Jack in the Box and then return to the beach until afternoon storms would scatter me to whatever tourist trap I could find.

            Loved Pearl. Surprisingly, the trip was very educational. Saw the Kona Palace and learned of the Kings and Queens that had inhabited the island forever. Stuff not brought up in textbooks. Facinating.

            I would love to go back, but we tend to go to Disney. Go figure.

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              Re: Hawaii

              LOVE LOVE LOVE Hawaii. I don't think oahu is all that touristy, you go 5 minutes out of waikiki and it's not tourist at all, especially places like kaaawa.
              We had a free flight to another island and only went for a day to kauai. there are places there that you can't get to by road. (Na Pali coast area) Now that place is like stepping back 40 years. There is so much to see there and it's so pretty.

              You should definately go there next time!!

              i think I must be going to go there in the nesr future, I keep dreaming vivid dreams of Hawaii!! LOL LOL LOL

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                Re: Hawaii

                Kauai is my absolute favorite. Been going there since 1984 and though it's changed incredibly (what hasn't?) it still maintains the Hawaii Magic...that is, when you imagine Hawaii, you have a visual in mind. BAR NONE, Kauai will give this to you. It IS Hawaii. You've saved the best for last my friend.
                Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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                  Re: Hawaii

                  I went many years ago. We did Oahu, Hawaii and Kauai. Oahu was great for touristy things.

                  Hawaii was really fun. We went up to the volcano park and while we were there a Blue Marlin contest was going on - so we went to watch the weighing in every afternoon, pretty cool. We took a glass bottom boat out to Captain Cook's Cove for snorkeling. and of course, saw the Little Grass Shack.

                  Kauai is just beautiful. We went to the fern grotto, saw a polo match, even visited the land called Hanalei (puff the magic dragon) - which at the time, had a bunch of junked up busses and vw vans. Spouting Horn was really cool and my brothers had a blast catching frogs at our condo.

                  I'm dying to go back, but I'm waiting for my kids to be just a little older.
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                    Re: Hawaii

                    been to maui and I loved it

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                      Re: Hawaii

                      how about some pics of these said travels? that would be awsome to go with your posts love Hawaii!!!


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