Book your flight ticket to beijing and enjoy Tianmen Square that is the ethnic, spiritual and political middle of China and a fascinating spot to see when you journey through Beijing. From Tiananmen Square you can check out sites like the Forbidden City and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong that are just a short stroll away, view the hordes of Chinese and international tourist who load the square and be subject matter to extremely thorough safety.

Strolling around Tiananmen Square, taking in the square's vibrant atmosphere and enjoying the enthusiasm of local travelers as they take the precondition photo with Mao Zedong's massive portrait in the background, is a uniquely Chinese encounter every traveller to China ought to have.

The Square Itself & Local Attractions

With a width of 880 yards and length of 500 yards, Tiananmen Square has a spot of 440,000 square meters and requires a large amount of down town Beijing. This massive size makes Tiananmen Square the world's third greatest city square right behind Merdeka Square in Jakarta and Praça dos Girassóis in Brazil.