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"Symbolica" at Efteling in The Netherlands

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  • "Symbolica" at Efteling in The Netherlands

    O.K., so this attraction officially opens tomorrow (July 1) at Efteling in the Netherlands.
    Tired of the endless series of IP, screen-based attractions being churned out by Disney and Universal? Want to see something original, not based on any movie, T.V. show, video game, etc.? Then look no further. This gives me hope for the future.
    A good description of this might go something like "Baroque Mystic Manor". A few projections here and there, but NO large curvy screens, and some decent AA figures from Garner Holt. And a high quality on-ride video posted on the parks official YouTube channel. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, then you might want to see if you have a pulse. Also, what sound like an original musical score. I'll stop now and let you enjoy the video.
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    Nice, I like this ride. It's similar to Mystic Manor, but that's okay. I am just becoming familiar with Efteling and some of their attractions on Youtube. If I'm ever in the Netherlands for some reason, I'll be going to this place.