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Just back from Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio


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  • Just back from Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

    Our road trip from Mouse-achusetts to Ohio is over.

    As advertised, Cedar Point Amusment Park ("America's Roller Coast") is huge!

    The main section of the park has no real theming. It looks like what it is, an amusement park. However, some of the side areas have some nice shade and look like the old west or quaint country towns.

    I rode on several coasters, including "Top Thrill Dragster." TTD shoots you off at 120MPH, up 402 feet in the air at a 90 degree angle, and then back down, again at a 90 degree angle!

    There is a Skyway that runs along the main section of the park. It reminded me how much I miss the Disneyland and Walt Disney World skyways.

    There are also several antique carousels, which very much interested my wife. Of particular interest (and a lot of fun) was Cedar Downs, a carousel where the horses actually slide along a grove, allowing you to have a race with the other riders in your row.

    The only thumbs-down ride I would say I went on was "Disaster Transport," which was a poor attempt to duplicate the feeling of Space Mountain. Cedar Point does a fine job with their regular roller coasters, and I saw no need for this attempt at theming.

    Great trip. Great park.
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    Re: Just back from Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

    Cedar Point is co-owner of the top spot in of my favorite American parks list ( non-Disney of course! ), with Kennywood filling the other half. It is suxh a great park. I visited for a couple of hours at the start of July and had to take an overnight Greyhoud bus ( and back the 2nd night ) from New york to do it. I'm glad I did though - it's an amazing place, full of atmosphere without the need for theming!
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      Re: Just back from Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

      totally agree. I love Cedar Point. It is right up there with Disneyland and Islands of Adventure as one of my favorites. While it is not partucalrly themed it is clean, well staffed, decent food, and has great rides.


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        Re: Just back from Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

        Cedar Point does not have a lot of theaming. Some in frontier town and rides like the train. It really is an amusement park and the best one in that category bar none. It's won the best park award 7 straight years. Perhaps I'm a bit slanted since I grew up with the park but my four kids seem to have the same opinion. The two who moved to Portland can't wait to go back whenever they are in town.

        The Disaster Transport ride is actually only a shell of itself. They actually built that in two stages. When it first opened it was an open rollercoaster type ride. The cars actually ride in a bug tub shaped fiberglass track and some places have two halves so its a tube. The next year they enclosed the track in a giant building and gave it a space theme. The ride queue had lost of theming and animatronics figures with a whole story line of you were delivering some cargo to a distant planet and something goes wrong.

        The ride itself was full of theaming and was really neat. A sound track played as you rode and it all tied into the story you got waiting in line. Sadly the park never kept up the maintenance on this ride and after a few years it had deteriorated into basically a ride through the dark. Very odd since their maintenance of all other rides is excellent. The long and themed queue has turned into a haunted house open in the fall during their Halloweekneds events which are excellent. The ride really could use a major infusion of $$$ top restore it's lost glory.

        Actually that spot had another rollercoaster type ride on it before the Disaster Transport ride. It was one that was constantly broke and the took it out after only a few years. Maybe that spot is just cursed? LOL!!!


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          I thought Disaster Transport was okay, but it was far too short. And some parts of the queue smelled of urine and old dank basement.


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            Re: Just back from Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

            Disaster Transport was originally a traditional outdoor bobsled coaster, called Avalanche Run. It was enclosed primarily because it was a noisy ride, located near to Dick Kinzel's house.
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              Re: Just back from Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

              Haven't been since 1989. Cedar Downs is, for me, the only reason to get on a carousel. I don't like revolving all that much, but having a race distracts from the nausea.


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