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Sally Corp interview video

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  • Sally Corp interview video has been posting video interviews from IAAPA Euro Attractions Show. They are fun to watch (though most are not in English). The mention that they "Knights in White Satin" ride for the Hard Rock park will use the 3D glasses technique. Very fun.
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    Re: Sally Corp interview video

    Thanks for the cool find

    I like how he can only mention Disney Parks around 2:55... other places have done dark rides too .

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      Re: Sally Corp interview video

      The best part about this video is where he mentions they are working on a dark ride for Elitch Gardens here in Denver, Colorado. It will be an updated version of their ghost blasters ride, with animatronics instead of cut outs. I'm stoked.

      I hoped when Six Flags sold the park that the new owners might actually invest something worthwhile into the park, and now we're getting a dark ride. You know, being dumped by Six Flags may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to Elitch's. Who knows what could be next, dare I dream of theming?
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        Re: Sally Corp interview video

        I have actually recently toured the Sally Corp factory in Jacksonville, FL. They do small field trips for local schools and my daughter's 1st grade class went back in December. That robot with the lantern was a highlight and the kids got to play some of the ride shooting components. It was really neat!
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