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The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)


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  • The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

    For Belle's Birthday I had gotten her tickets to see Wicked today. She'd been wanting to see it for quite awhile. Then in January we booked the Hollywood Rennaisance hotel last night to make a weekend out of it.

    With the rough February we have, our trip was in doubt for awhile, but since everybody was on the mend we put our weekend back on. We decided kind of last minute to take advantage of USH's "Buy a Day-Get a Year Free" deal since we hadn't been since 2005.

    Saturday afternoon, Universal Studios Hollywood:

    The outside of T2:3D

    They are still converting Back to the Future into the new Simpsons Ride

    They have a Kwik-E-Mart

    Krusty wants you to come back to USH later this year and go to Krustyland

    It was a gorgeous day

    We did the Studio Tour next

    Heroes Rocks

    The King Kong thing (this REALLY needs to be replaced)

    Magnum PI Car

    This was our first time seeing the Fast and the Furious thing ... it was about what I expected

    The Dino's spit on us

    The Flood is still cool

    From Peter Jackson's King Kong

    I always loved the Jaws part of the tour

    Space Shuttle!!!

    The War of the Worlds set still looks cool (too bad the movie sucked)

    After the Tour we headed down to the Lower Lot to do the Special Effects stages. I REALLY like the changes they made here since I last saw it.

    We rode the Mummy which is still not anywhere as good as it's FL counterpart.

    They are still converting the Nick area to Curious George

    We took off after this since we figured we be back soon to get the kids passes.

    In Citywalk ... this is my kind of store:

    Next, we head to our hotel where we feel kind of ... I don't know ... out of place.
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    Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

    We wanted our hotel pretty close to Hollywood to make a weekend out of it. So we got lucky and got the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel on Priceline.

    We have probably pricelined at least 30 times in the past 5+ years. Everywhere from Anaheim to Vegas to Washington DC to Atlanta. And every time we have, we have never felt like we were given less treatment because we used Priceline.

    Not so much here.

    The room we had was nice, but we couldn't help but feel we got the "Priceline Room". We were, not kidding, about 5 feet from the Elevator. The view was of a wall and you had to look at a certain angle to see anything. The hotels website touts they have flat-screen TV's. Not so in our room. Also the check-in staff when they greeted us were VERY nice. Once they pulled up our reservation I was reminded of the shop-people serving Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

    Not to mention Valet Parking at the hotel is a mere $29 per night. Somehow $11 at Disneyland or $15 at Magic Mountain doesn't seem so bad.

    Some pictures of our room, just a Standard Hotel Room (who's nightly rate is $300). We didn't pay that much.

    The beds were comfortable though, I'll give them that.

    The view

    And at the "Good Angle"

    About 5:00 or so we decided to take a walk. We wanted to walk down to the Pantages to see about possibly upgrading our tickets for today's show.

    When we got to the Box Office they were having some sort of Lottery and then they made an announcement that they would be selling tickets for last nights show at 1/2 price. So we figured, why the hell not.

    We got great balcony seats for only $45. We hoofed it back to our hotel to freshen up and change for the show.

    We drove back since we had already walked about 12 blocks there and back.

    The Pantages

    The Lobby

    The show was great. We both loved it. We got to see the current Glynda (played by Megan Hilty) and last nights was Elphaba's stand-by Teal Wicks. I've heard the soundtrack, but never knew the show was so funny. Although it could have been Ms. Hilty's performance, which was amazing. The entire cast was great and I didn't think the show lacked anything having the stand-by perform. I was glad we both liked it since we would be seeing it a second time today.

    We got back to the hotel about midnight and crashed for the night.

    This morning we got up, checked out at 10:30 and headed for Hollywood and Highland to have some CPK.

    They have great views of the Hollywood Sign

    Daytime view of the Pantages

    So since we saw the show from the Balcony last night, we decided to upgrade and see the show from the Orchestra today. We were in about the 11th row.

    The view from our seats

    Today's show was a little different. We had the current Elphaba (played brilliantly by Caissie Levy) but we had Glinda's stand-by (played by Emily Rozek). I definately enjoyed Megan Hilty's performance better last night, but the performance by Emily Rozek today was also very good. I would LOVE to see the show with both of the current stars though. As both play their roles very good and I'd LOVE to see their interractions with each other.

    One problem with Matinee's have traditionally been ... lot's of kids. And this show was NO exception. Generally though, the kids we saw today were VERY well behaved. It was one of the mom's sitting behind us that annoyed us to no end. First she would shut up before both Kristi and I turned around at least 3 times to give them "the look". Then at Intermission she's explaining the story to her kids (who were probably 10 and 12 looking). Sorry lady, if your 10 and 12 year old kids don't get the story of Wicked, something is wrong.

    In the front of us were two cute little girls that were probably 7 or 8 and they LOVED the show and no explanation was necessary.

    But the thing that pissed me off about annoying lady and her family was ... they totally left right after the show and before the curtain call. As somebody who has been in theatre in the past, I find this one of the more rude and thoughtless things you can do to a performer. Here they have just worked their butt's off for 2 1/2 hours, gave you everything they have and you are so anxious to leave you can't wait a few minutes to give them your applause?

    I just don't get people who go to the theatre and act like this. It's bad enough if you do it during a $9 movie, but these were $90 seats. Have some courtesy.

    Despite that, we loved the show once again and Kristi is already making plans to take our daughter and her mom to see it. I may have to join them.

    We had a totally awesome (and much needed) weekend.


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      Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

      I am glad you guys got to have your mini-vacation you both deserved it so much. Lucky ducks getting to see Wicked twice in a row I am almost as green as Elpheba with jealousy. BTW great pictures and report.


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        Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

        Yay for a much deserved fun adult weekend together!!


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          Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

          Great pics and thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad you had such a wonderful, fun filled weekend!


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            Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

            I'm glad you guys had a good weekend after everything you've been dealing with!

            Still can't believe you went last night too!:lol:
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            Originally posted by Reverend DMother
            Girl bonding is just so necessary. It's just as important as "me" time. A good girl bonding session leaves you feeling so refreshed. :love: I think of it as a NEED vs a want. There are just things that you need to talk to other women with. You may have the best relationship in the world with your husband, but there are just times you need your girlfriends. It makes for a healthier and happier you which makes everything else you do better.


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              Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

              What a rare treat to see that theatre is, truly, of the moment and it changes nightly. The art before you lives for one second in time and the next performance can be totally different.

              I also worked in theatre. I detested matinees. But sometimes, like you mentioned, you'd get kids who were glued GLUED to the performance. I guess it's more hit-or-miss.

              What is more important is that you Defied Gravity and got some time for just the two of you with all the goings-on about you. If there is a couple out there that deserved a smidge of a break---it'd be you two.

              What is CPK, exactly, btw?

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                Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                Glad you guys were able to get away for a couple of days to unwind, relax and see some cool stuff! Thanks for sharing the pics and experience with us!

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                  Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                  Thanks for sharing that rocks!
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                    Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                    Originally posted by Roo719 View Post
                    What is CPK, exactly, btw?
                    CPK = California Pizza Kitchen = mmmmm, good. I hope it's OK to answer questions in someone else's thread. :blush:


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                      Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                      Glad that you Clinks had a great time. I'll bet that you thoroughly enjoyed the newest two attractions - Shrek 4-D and The Mummy coaster! Any word about when the Simpson's ride will open?
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                        Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                        Very cool, TR! And I agree about Orlando's Mummy Returns. Much much better! Although I would rather have the E.T. ride back over Mummy, personally.

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                          Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                          Very nicely done, Gregg. Great to see that you guys had some much deserved fun.

                          -- Barry
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                            Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                            SO happy to hear that you guys had such a great little getaway. You totally deserved it.


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                              Re: The Clinkerbelle's Go to Universal Studios and see Wicked (twice)

                              Thanks everybody. It was a REALLY fun weekend.

                              Hollywood is expensive though. We figured out for the weekend we spent $68 just on parking. It's crazyness.

                              But it was awesome. I just wish there were more shows in SoCal to see. I LOVE going to the Theatre.


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