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Star Wars theme park in Dubai? Geek code red!


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  • Star Wars theme park in Dubai? Geek code red!

    Consider this in unsubstantiated rumor territory, but Star Wars collector website is reporting they received an email from a source in the theme park industry working in Dubai, alleging he/she has learned that one of the new parks to be built in Dubailand will be a theme park completely based on the Star Wars universe. Allegedly, the project will have Lucas's full supervision.

    If this does in fact turn true, I may just start eyeing the Dubai resort as a future vacation possibility. I've viewed the recent news of Universal/Busch/Six Flags properties moving to Dubai with general disinterest so far (the weather of the area is a massive deterrent to me), but a full Star Wars themepark would be too staggeringly awesome to refuse. I guess I'd just have to invest in several dozen misters to take with me.
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    Re: Star Wars theme park in Dubai? Geek code red!

    I want it in America.


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      Re: Star Wars theme park in Dubai? Geek code red!

      It's still just a rumor so I wouldn't get too excited about it, but if it were to happen then it will probably be in Dubai and not in the US. Nobody would be willing to pony up the kind of money to make this happen in the US so it makes sense that Dubai, at this time, would have the best shot at making it happen. The US has entered a long-term economic and tourism decline that will probably not be reversed anytime soon.


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