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Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood for Wheelchair bound Guests


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  • Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood for Wheelchair bound Guests

    I posted one for the Disneyland resort so its only right I post one here for Universal Studios the other place I hang out at alot :-)

    Note: overall I rank Universal the highest for how they treat disabled guests.

    This is a list of shows/rides you can experience without ever leaving your wheelchair ONLY, that is those that can not or choose not to transfer from wheelchair:

    I have added in RED rides without wheelchair accessibility.

    Getting there:

    You can take the Metro Red Line Subway to Universal studios but you have to cross the st and then take a special bus up the hill to the entrance and you have to wait for this a little while.

    Once inside the park:

    Waterworld they even put you in a special front row area and give you a free plastic parka to keep your ECV and you dry and you can keep it (these would cost you $10 at Disneyland)

    House of Monster Horrors Maze This it alot of fun and you ride a elevator to get around the different floors and they are very helpful and friendly but watchout for the plastic body bags they can get caught on the front of your chair this has happened to me more than once!

    Terminator 2 3D Awesome show!

    Animal Actors Stage Show

    Fear Factor stage show

    Shrek 4D

    Not accessible: Simpsons Ride

    Tram Backlot Tour WARNING the earthquake attraction has some violent shaking of the tram vehicle may be too intense for those with neck/back issues! otherwise its a great ride!

    To get to the lower lot you have to take the elevator to the right of the big escalator entrance but then you have to wait down below sometimes only 5 mins but sometimes over 15 mins for the special bus to take you down the hill

    Mummy ride queue you cant ride it but you can go thru the queue and see some of the interiors but not really worth it.

    Not accessible: Mummy Ride

    Not accessible: Jurassic Park


    Soundstage 3 special efx shows attraction these are great sometimes

    Then its back up the hill!

    Note: I also have a guide like this for the Disneyland resort in the forum.
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