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  • Pinball Hall Of Fame

    Hey everyone,

    I am in Vegas for 2 weeks for work. I have been to the Strip many, many times. Not really much of a draw for me anymore. I am getting a little older, and while walking the strip with a drink is still fun, it is somehow not as fun as it was when I was younger.

    Enter Tim Arnold, who a few years ago opened the Pinball Hall Of Fame at 3300 Tropicana.

    Now I am a pinball FREAK, and this place is pretty much my holy grail of that hobby. Tons of pins to play, and I have a better chance of winning an extra ball or a free game than I do any amount of money on the strip

    So I have been going every day! It is open from 11-11 on the weekdays, and 11-midnight Fri and Sat. The games range from .25 to a dollar per play, and most are set for 5 ball play.

    The best thing for those of you with kids is that it is totally family friendly, and in the scheme of things, not too expensive.

    Tim does a very good job of keeping the machines clean and working. it is very nice to go and play pinball how it is supposed to play, and not have to worry about if the thing actually works or not. If the game takes the money, all you have to do is let him know, and he will make sure you get to play the game you paid for.

    The money brought in by the games all goes to charity (after bills are paid) so you are having fun and lending a helping hand at the same time.

    So on with the pictures!

    The entrance:

    My main reason for going, the Pinball Circus. 1 of 2 prototype games made. This game is the only one that costs a dollar to play (for 5 balls) but is WELL worth the cost. The object is to move the ball up to the top level then "Knock Out" the clowns teeth. VERY challenging, and a lot of fun even for those who do not play pinball.

    Jose playing while Courtney watches:

    Another rare game (which was out of order) is Goin Nuts. Not too sure if the history write-up is easily read in the photo, but it is 1 of 11 built. This game is fun because you START OUT with multi-ball. Most games you have to earn it.

    Jose playing Orbitor 1, a very unique game that has a concave playfield. The ball can actually travel behind the flippers and not be lost! (I will add more photos tomorrow)

    Jose playing his turn on Cactus Canyon, a pretty rare (and expensive!) game.

    A Roadshow. I used to own one of these, but sold it

    Kiss! For all you old-timers out there

    Jose on a Safecracker. This is a unique game in that it is not limited by the amount of balls, but by time. The timer can be extended by knocking down targets, hitting ramps, etc....

    A Funhouse! My absolute favorite pinball machine ever. Mine is currently at my grandma's house, where she has the high score.

    Q-bert's Quest! (remember that guy?)

    The only picture of me (so far) playing a Taxi. It is hard to take a picture of yourself and play at the same time.

    I will be adding more pics after my next trip tomorrow!

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    Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

    holy schnickes! i had no idea this existed! Next time i go to vegas its totally on my list...i've been a pinball freak as long as i can remember. I'd love to play Funhouse again, haven't seen one of those machines in years, there's something delightfully creepy about it. i used to really like a machine called Black Knight 2000 as well..but wow...i'm in pinball overload atm! Ty for posting this!
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      Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

      awesome awesome AWESOME! Next trip to Vegas I will be going there. Thanks for sharing!


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        Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

        Awesome, I plan to visit Vegas this summer before the Star Trek Experience closes, and now this is on my list as well. Thanks for letting us know!


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          Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

          How did I miss this when I stayed in vegas 2 years ago! I must make a note to go here next time i go to vegas.
          what side of the strip is it on or is outer Las vegas areas?
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            Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

            Well, I really am embarrassed. I live in Vegas and didn't even know this place existed. I'll definitely check it out.

            BTW, I remember playing Orbitor 1 ages ago. It was a very cool and unique pinball game.

            Great pics Brian. Thanks.
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              Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

              The place is not heavily advertised, so a lot of potential fans are missing it. But I'm so happy that someone brought this place to MiceChat! Woo Hoo! (20 year pinball collector here)
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                Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                Sorry about not adding more pics quickly, I will do so when I have some more time!

                Anyways, the PHOF is located on the East side of the strip, down Tropicana about 20 blocks or so from the actual strip.

                I spent about 15 hours spread over 3 days here. Spent more money there than on the strip!

                Get over there and enjoy it!


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                  Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                  Thank you for posting this! I always used to gravitate toward pinball machines at arcades when I was growing up. I have the Pinball game for PSP and recognized Goin' Nuts and Black Hole. I bet it is much more fun to play those in person than on a hand held video game.

                  My dad has an Eight Ball Deluxe machine at his house. My husband owns all the high scores on that machine.
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                    Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                    I so remember these things out on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. So much fun. I would love to see this!

                    Thanks, this is cool!

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                      Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                      Very cool! I'll definately go there whenever I get to Vegas again.
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                        Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                        Thanks for posting this! I don't get to Vegas much but hope to see this sometime.

                        I'm glad somebody else remembers Funhouse, that was one of my favorite pinball games too. We had one at Humboldt State University. The volume was up loud enough so we could enjoy the great sounds, and of course the menacing monologues by that cute/scary dummy head. I guess he qualifies as an audio-animatronic, he had facial expressions and everything! "STAY AWAY FROM THE CLOCK. YOU ARE MAKING ME VERY UNHAPPY." Really fun game.

                        And, I remember playing Orbitor 1 at Regal Lanes in Orange County. As I remember it the bumpers were magnets that repelled the ball, but they were sunken down into the playing field which was curved to resemble craters on a planet's surface. This made the ball move very unpredictably in lazy, graceful figure 8s. It was more of a novelty machine which I didn't play often, but I always admired the originality of it.


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                          Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                          This is nothing more that an "are you jealous of me" post, but .......

                          I work in an office three blocks away from the Pinball Hall of Fame. So sometimes on the lunch hour, I'll decide, what the heck, I'll put a few quarters in....


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                            Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                            I discovered this place earlier this year. I'll spend more money there than I do at the casinos! It's a little out of the way, but very enjoyable. A bit tricky to find the first time (it's in the middle of a strip mall), but well worth it if you love pinball.
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                              Re: Pinball Hall Of Fame

                              Well here are the rest of the pics I took at the PHOF. I blame my laziness (and a slow connection) on taking so long to get these up. I had honestly planned on doing it when I got home, but then I saw the thread on the round-up, so I had to get this done


                              Myself being odd, as usual!


                              Some more shots of some of the games available to play:

                              3 different Star Trek Games...."Spok......Fire!"

                              Comet, Cyclone, and Taxi. These games are some of the earliest I remember playing.

                              Gilligan's Island. Looked down upon in general by the pinball playing people, but I like it!

                              High Speed! One of my early favorites, and the last game I bought (paid $250 for it!)

                              Class of 1812. I remember playing this in Santa Cruz, and the backglass scared me

                              Addams Family, the highest sold game ever, and 20k plus games

                              Black Knight, Black Knight 2k, and Funhouse:

                              Another shot of one of the rows of games:

                              Twilight Zone:

                              Haunted House and Black Hole:

                              An old Pitch and Bat:

                              More Random games:

                              These two need an explanation. The game before this I had 39mil and change. This game, under 2mil. One of the reasons I love to play so much is that there are NO patterns to memorize. You can have a great game, then play like garbage right away.

                              I did manage to accomplish one thing...I put my name up on a game! Totally nerded out when I did this:

                              Finally, a picture of the elephant in action on Pinball Circus!

                              Thanks everyone for looking at all these, and if you ever get the chance, go check it out for yourself!


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