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Which SeaWorld Park is the Best?


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  • [Chat] Which SeaWorld Park is the Best?

    I went to SeaWorld San Antonio today for a little bit (since life has taken me to San Antonio and I decided to get a annual pass there), and I felt a bit underwhelmed by the Texas version of SeaWorld. I haven't been to SeaWorld in a while (I visited Orlando when I was really young, and San Diego in 96). I don't remember much about Orlando, but I remember San Diego had a lot of exhibits and aquariums and a few rides (Wild Arctic was fun to ride and see after). It felt like San Antonio didn't have the right balance of rides to solid exhibits and aquariums, and just didn't feel that special as San Diego.

    Therefore, I was just wondering what are the thoughts of which version of SeaWorld is the best? Is this San Diego, the original and the closest to sea. Or Orlando, which has three experiences (SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove) and is the headquarters of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Or San Antonio, which is (reportedly) the largest and the newest.
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    Re: Which SeaWorld Park is the Best?

    Its all Opinion really.

    I live in Oceanside which is in San Diego County. So I go to that one.

    I never have been to those other Sea World Parks.

    But from Video's that I have seen, Sea World Orlando has a better Journey to Atlantis ride and thier Manta Coaster is a "big" coaster. Meaning it has a loop(s) and other crazy stuff.

    Sea World San Diego will be getting its own version of Manta, except it's going to be a family friendly ride. So it wont have any loops and whatnot.

    So I cant really say which is the best. Unless I use my biased side and choose Sea World San Diego!/michael.ebba


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      Re: Which SeaWorld Park is the Best?

      It's all about O-town! The crown jewel of the SeaWorld chain!

      While San Diego is on the Ocean which makes it a special kind of awesome SeaWorld Orlando just has so much to do, especially with Aquatica and Discovery Cove.
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