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    We had a really awesome day at SeaWorld on Sunday. I haven't been in the park for awhile, because of all the bad press and concern for the animals. I'm happy to report that the park is looking beautiful and the shows/displays have been reconfigured to where the animals really do look relaxed and happy. They have a polar bear display and we were lucky enough to be there during feeding and play time. It was something I'll never forget. We saw the bear both above ground, enjoying his meal, and then there is a glass section where you can see underwater, and that polar bear swam, dove, played with his big barrel toys, padded about on the underwater rock features. It was extraordinary. He was clearly having a very good time, and we had the amazing opportunity of seeing a polar bear swimming and playing underwater.

    Also, there is an international food and wine festival going on. The booths were really well-done, and the items we tasted were delicious. They are also offering a really good "eat all day" meal plan that makes the park pretty affordable for a family. We live nearby, so we bought a season pass, added a "meal a visit" meal plan, and are looking forward to a year of fun and affordable date nights. A new "land" is opening this summer. Looking forward to seeing what it offers. DH likes rides, and he went away happy with the good Manta roller coaster, water drop ride Atlantis, and sky bucket over the marina.

    Fun day with gorgeous weather!

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    I am loving the Seven Seas Food Festival! There are some really good samples this year
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      That's really great news to hear after all of the turmoil lately! Any ideas on what the new land will be?


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