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The Future of Sea World Parks and Resorts


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  • The Future of Sea World Parks and Resorts

    So, I've started to get tired out of all the major Disney reopening talk and Universal talk. I've migrated over here.

    What does everyone think the future of SeaWorld should be? Should they keep adding more roller coasters and compete with Cedar Fair and Six Flags? Or do you hope eventually they will give the 2 major players, Disney and Universal a 3rd player in the battle? Can they create immersive lands, but using original ideas? Could they try to keep the "Edutainment" idea alive?
    I see amazing potential in SeaWorld and hopefully evolving into an even more immersive theme park in the future.
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    I have long wondered when a 3rd player will enter the theme park battle. Despite reinventing theme parks over 65 years ago, Disney has never faced real competition; Universal is always looked at as "second place", never a serious contender for the king of theme parks. Sea World could enter the fold if...

    A. They get rid of animal shows. There's just too much stigma around Sea World, and I know people that will never go for ethical reasons alone. They can keep some aquariums and the marine-life theme, but dolphin and orca shows need to go if Sea World is to move forward.

    B. New leadership. This Defunctland video sums it up: Get some really experienced Disney Imagineers to rework the parks. Spend a lot of money if need be, I think it would be worth it in the long run.

    C. Create a couple world-class attractions. Easier said than done for sure, but I don't think it can be overstated how much a one-of-a-kind attraction can build interest in a theme park. I don't even think Sea World would need to obtain an intellectual property, a well-executed "edutainment" concept could absolutely work. Maybe a modern version of Disneyland's old submarine ride.

    Or they could just compete with Cedar Fair and Six Flags, that would be easier. But I think Sea World could be so much more.
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      The future of Sea World should be to expand their theme & name to "Sea & Space."

      Build the world's largest & most advanced planetariums,
      and an indoor space themed coaster that tops all Space Mountains,
      and have an area promoting NASA & JPL that makes science cool, as Walt Disney did in his early Tomorrowland.
      Let the space tourism companies have competing exhibits.

      Phase out the dolphin shows before a Blackfish like media movement causes Sea World to have to change. Dog eating in Korea is less popular among those under 50 & hopefully Central China will follow, which I mention because (I hope!) the trend will be to treat animals with more care & consideration. It's ironic that Sea World helped make people more concerned about orcas & this eventually led to Sea World ending the shows that made people love orcas.

      Final comment/suggestion: Octopus World!

      Watch this!
      Last edited by jcruise86; 06-06-2022, 02:22 PM. Reason: To make sure that if anyone from Sea World sees this thread (Yeah, right!), that they see the Sea & Space theme.


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        Thank you so much for sharing this information here. I'm so much glad to know more about it. LOL!


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