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50th celebration for Sea world??


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  • [Idea] 50th celebration for Sea world??

    So This isnt an april fools day joke rather a question, Sea worlds flagship park San Diego will be turning 50 March 21st 2014 I was wondering if everyone thinks nothing will happen as usually is the case with most sea worlds bday;s or do you think they could try do a global celebration like Disneyland did with its 50th and launch new attractions, shows and parades. I think sea world is a great park with lots of potential , I would love to see something on the scale of disney 's 50th launched, I look forward to hearing everyones thoughts????
    Personally I would love to see the complete demolition of sesames street bay of play, a re invented shamus happy harbor, and a new family water coaster dark ride added themed to to Shamu and friends. This would include animatronics , sets, water screens etc ... The storyline would be roughly based on Shamu being in trouble , and all his animal friends have to rescue him ... So Dolly and Duncan the dolphins embark on a adventure through the world of sea to save him.... It would be funny yet have an enviromental message at the end I also feel the Pets rule stadium should either be scrapped or moved to make way for expansion of the colder section of the park by that I mean Penguins Encounter , Wild Artic This new Attraction and theme would serve as an archway and attraction for that section of the park. It would be an impressive Dark Boat ride on the scale of disney greats like pirates of the carribean but instead of pirates , You would be going into the artic caves glaciers and ice caverns to discover the frozen world, along the way you encounter wolves, penguins, some of which would actually be live animals very similar to how they sea turtles are a small part of shipwreck rapids but on a much larger scale... I eventually also want to see new shows at sea world, its entirely possible to have two dolphin shows ... A updated one with the bottle nose dolphin,s and I would really love to see VIVA or a version of it (Viva is the one that is at Sea world San antonio) they utilize live performers, divers and Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales... I feel this show should go somewhere near Journey to Atlantis perhaps even taking over some of the parking lot... I know not all of this can be accomplished in 5yrs in time for the fiftiest but hopefully sea world gets some credit where credit is due.. Im just concerned with this whole IN bev purchase nothing will happen Anyways what do you all think?

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