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How is SeaWorld San Diego?


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  • [Question] How is SeaWorld San Diego?

    The last time I went was right before Budweiser was sold to InBev. The parks have once again been sold. I was wondering how it is now after two changes in ownership? I had heard about the closing of the Hospitality House and the Brewmaster Club. What is going on in those areas now? I believe that area also used to house the Clydesdale horses and had an exhibit on beer brewing which I assume are also gone now. I also remember the food being a step above for theme park food. How is it now?

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    Re: How is SeaWorld San Diego?

    Its a nice way to spend a day. Lots of great aquariums, the penguin encounter is very well presented. Of course the Shamu show is excellent (don't sit in the "soak" zone unless you really want to get soaked) the park also has a few rides now and a live action show on jetskis - Overall we like it!
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      Re: How is SeaWorld San Diego?

      I can't answer your questions about the hospitality house, but I was at SD Sea World last summer, for a day. They did have the Cirque du solei show in the lagoon and night time shamu show, and fireworks show, as well as an extra entertainment show near the main entry after dark, PLUS all the other regular Sea Critter shows, critter display areas (polar bears, penguins, sharks, dolphins, seals, walrus, etc) and other rides/attractions from Shipwreck Rapids, Atlantis, etc.

      The entire park is still kept up very nicely, and very clean. I didn't eat anywhere special, but it was ok.

      With all the special summer evening entertainment, it was definitely worthwhile, and I will be visiting again.
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        Re: How is SeaWorld San Diego?

        I believe the Hospitality House is still open, but just sells deli-style food. The Clydesdale horses exhibit are closed. There is nothing there, just a shut down, empty building. However, since that building was sort of out of the way to begin with, it doesn't look as bad as it sounds.

        The park is still very well maintained. The Cirque style show is now gone, but in a week, they will be premiering the new dolphin show and stadium, which, as I understand it, will have cirque-style elements in it.

        The food is still very good, and the park is still very well maintained. I definitely enjoy going. Other than the empty building as I mentioned above, I'd say very little has changed from the point of view of the typical day tourist.
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          Re: How is SeaWorld San Diego?

          We go every November and have a great time. We do miss seeing the Clydesdales, that area is just open now. Overall the park is just as good as with previous owners. We never have a bad time at Sea World.


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            Re: How is SeaWorld San Diego?

            SeaWorld San Diego is a very amazing place to go for holidays also kids will enjoy a lot there.We visited there and had great fun with the beautiful Dolphins, white bulega whales,and also the playful penguins were very cute.
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              Re: How is SeaWorld San Diego?

              Good to hear it is still pretty much unchanged except for the loss of the horses and the AB area (also the manatees, but I guess that was out of their control). I hear they have Sesame Street characters now too. I hope the old, random SeaWorld characters are still around. I liked the turtle guy.


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