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Journey To Atlantis Is Falling Apart


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  • Trip Report Journey To Atlantis Is Falling Apart

    My recent visit today, I went on Journey To Atlantis, it's was terribly maintained including the dolphin tank which used to be all colorful when it's first opened, now it's just manta rays and fishes and ugly bacterial plants growing like mold instead of the beautiful dolphins swimming in the tank. Some of the ride track is all rusted and the paint are all faded on the track. The ride facade is faded from weather over the years. Plus the elevator room is awful, with effects are all broken and outdated, when you get inside the elevator, the room was not projected anymore, with just one square on the side lighting up showing just a kelp showing. But on the positive side they recently added a new soundtrack and got rid of the awful narration that nobody pays attention too including my self. The new soundtrack is epic and powerful, including with the sound effects. :yea:

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    Re: Journey To Atlantis Is Falling Apart

    I was SO happy about the music change, you have no idea. No longer must we be praised for having "Saved Atlantis for ALL TIME!"

    As for the dolphins, (as I learned from some of the zoological staff during a residence program this summer) because they're a species which is still under so much research, a few are still living "backstage" and are awaiting relocation to facilities which will be more beneficial for them. I was disappointed to see them go, but it was for the best.

    I really haven't made the choice myself to go on JTA in years. It's always been an unreliable ride, and getting in line isn't even worth the gamble any more if my friends don't suggest it. And the elevator screens at least got changed, they were getting really quickly outdated with green shadows showing up on everything. The attempt they used to make at a story is at least hidden now, which I actually appreciate.


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