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SeaWorld Believe show types.


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  • SeaWorld Believe show types.

    I was at SeaWorld San Diego last Sunday and the Believe show sucked again... (after it was really cool when I saw it last month) This was the third time I saw the show in the last 2 months, and it was the third version of the show Ive seen. (this time at least the jumbotron screens moved and spun, that was different)

    I really would like any SeaWorld veterans explain why they seem to do different versions of the Believe show (humans in the pool with the whales, humans not, whales doing flips, or not....)

    Is there certain days/times they do the more interactive shows?


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    Re: SeaWorld Believe show types.

    I can only guess and just go on past expieriences on why there's different quality of shows. I know all of the live shows I've ever seen in any theme park can change on a show by show basis due to the performers themselves, whether it be animals or humans, it also can be due to shortage of support staff and even money. Then when you add in technical stuff like the screens, which I think they've had problems with in both Orlando and San Diego, they might be waiting on a part or something so that part of the show isn't working.
    I've also seen different animal shows where the quality of the show is not as good as a previous performance due to a single head trainer too, then the next time when someone else is calling the shots the show fires on all cylinders and is awesome.

    I've seen Believe numerous times here in Orlando, and I've yet to see when 2 trainers are each standing on the rostrum of a killer whale as the whales swim simaltaneously during the "One Drop" song. I've seen pictures of it happening and vids of it, but it's always just a single trainer and just one whale when I'm there no matter what day or time of the show. LoL

    I don't think there's anyway to know what type of show you'll get on any given day unless you work there in that show area and know the performers and how the animals are that day, and/or are privy to some solid behind the scenes info, and even then there's still alot of things that could affect the quality of the show. Unfortunately it's always gonna be a hit or miss.


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