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Sea World questions


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  • Sea World questions

    I am going to Sea World tomorrow with about 20 guide dogs (yay!). I have been to Sea World once when I was little. My question is what kind of food do they have and what are the prices? My brother's girlfriend is a veg. and yeah....

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    Re: Sea World questions

    Originally posted by knittingknerd View Post
    I am going to Sea World tomorrow with about 20 guide dogs (yay!). I have been to Sea World once when I was little. My question is what kind of food do they have and what are the prices? My brother's girlfriend is a veg. and yeah....
    So, *you* let the dogs out. Hardy har har.

    Hospitality Center: Breakfast til 11. German sausage sandwiches, carved beef sandwiches, ham/ turkey club. (They can make veggie sandwiches upon request) Kids meals: hot dogs w/ chips and I believe they have chicken tenders

    Mama Stella's: Pizza (pepperoni and cheese), canneloni, eggplant, noodles w/ marina sauce (veggie option). Kids meals: hot dog, noodles or pizza.

    Calypso Bay: BBQ Ribs and Chicken, fries, corn on the cob, ranch style beans, rolls.

    Shipwreck: Salmon, jambalaya (w/ or w/o grilled chicken), cheeseburgers, ribs, carved beef sandwich, ham/ turkey club. Kids meals: hot dog or chicken tenders.

    All the above restaurants have side salads or entree salads as well. Desserts include chocolate cherry cake, cherry cheesecake, carrot cake, reese's peanut butter heathbar cheesecake, shamu almond chookies and pudding. Most serve fruit such as watermelon and strawberries.

    Rocky Point Cafe features a healthy alternative menu that was added fairly recently. You might try the SeaWorld website to see if it's been updated with what's on that menu.

    Also, there's Dine with Shamu, but that might be sold-out and they might need advance notice for a veggie friendly entree.

    While it won't appeal to your veggie friend, this weekend is the Bud BBQ as part of the Sea to Shining Sea Music Festival.

    As for prices, well, the more you get, the more you pay! Ribs are the most expensive entree while most everything else is priced between 8-12 dollars. The quality is excellent though! All the baked goods served throughout the park are baked on-site and fresh! Tip: plan to eat just before a show lets out. The lines will be short and the food hot and ready. So, plan your day accordingly. For example, if you want to eat at Shipwreck, DO NOT go right after the Shamu show next door lets out. If the show is at 1130, it will let out at 1155. Jump in line at 1150 and you'll be good to go!

    And speaking of dogs, don't miss the special K-9 demonstrations this weekend too! Those times should be on a special Sea to Shining Sea flyer.

    Have fun!!
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      Re: Sea World questions

      in san diego? The food there is not the greatest. they did have one place where you stand in line and pick up your food. Kind of like the french market. That place had pretty good food.

      We had a lot of nachos. IDK, the food was pretty basic fast food, not the greatest...the nachos were chips with that fake cheese on them.


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        Re: Sea World questions

        I've been pretty happy with the general food quality at SeaWorld - but it'll cost you.

        I'm also vegetarian, and depending on what type your boyfriend is (pesco, etc.), the variety of food will vary - (but SeaWorld does favorably compare to Disneyland, IMO). I'm personally a fan of Shipwreck Reef Cafe. There's a good variety and the atmosphere is quite nice, but it does get quite crowded.

        If that doesn't please your boyfriend, just fill him up with beer. If there's any good thing about Anheuser-Busch owning theme parks, it's the beer.


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