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Give Sea World a Second Chance, They have more to do then Ever. A Trip/Review

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  • Give Sea World a Second Chance, They have more to do then Ever. A Trip/Review

    Hello everyone, I went to Sea World last Friday and have not been since before the whole Blackfish movie (which I have watched) but I was really impressed with the staff, the exhibits, the amount of rides and shows and the New Orca Show is my favorite version of that show yet.

    I'll start with the amount of Rides really there are a good amount of rides for kids and families. The only ride I can really say is just not worth your time is the new Sub Explorer ride, even the other carnival style rides offer more thrills then that awful ride.
    Manta is to me the stand out best ride in the park with the best themeing as well, through Antantis is a close second but some of the theming needs to be updated. Both kid land area's sesame street and the explorer area's are great for kids but offer rides for teens and families too like the swings, Oscars ride and so on. :LastlyThe Wild Arctic is humorous because of how out dated it is but I kinda like that better to be funny even for the wrong reasons then boring. The Bayside Skyride still offers the most unique ride in the park allowing you a great view of the Ocean and see what the Skyway was like all those years ago at Disneyland.

    Next the Shows and man does Sea World have a lot of them. The New Orca show is by far my favorite show. I love how it combines learning with the animals doing "tricks" to make everyone happy. I wish the Dolphin show would be changed to something more like this along with the set, I really dislike the "art" look for the Dolphin Show compared to the nature look of the Orca show.
    The Sea Lion show is still funny, not as funny as when I was a kid but thats the kinda humor it is for, kids. But still would keep it the same because it seems to get the crowd laughing.
    Lastly they have 4 night time shows. One Projectors show on Atlantis, a music/acrobatic show at the pets Stadium (fills up fast) an amazing Water/acrobatic show with Cirque Electrique (second favorite show after the Orca) and one last show with the big sky Tower when the park is closing.

    The staff is friendly and Sea World offers a lot of great little things like allowing you to touch San Sharks, getting up close and see Sea Lions and Dolphins and is just a really clean and fun packed park. If you have not been in years like me I say its time to look into a trip because its really a full day of fun now and seems to be at the top of its game.

    Happy Halloween!!!