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Is Sea World a 'Two-Day' park?

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  • Is Sea World a 'Two-Day' park?

    We are planning on finally taking our kids, but were wondering if it was worth spending two days there. Has anyone been recently that can advise either way?
    My kids are too young for most of the encounters, so it would just be the park with no extras.
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    1) How Old are your kids
    2) When are you going?

    If you go in the Summer it can be a lot to do in one day because they have like 3, night time shows (or at least last year they did)
    But I feel you can spend the extra day at say the Zoo or Wild Animal park lego land, over seeing sea world twice.

    Sea World has a lot to do but depends on how old your kids on and when you go. If you kids like light thrills they have a good amount of attractions if not then should be a fun day still just not as packed.
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      In a word... NO